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All non-alcoholic beer being sold in the UAE conform with the specifications in the UAE," it said.
I started drinking the non-alcoholic beer available in grocery stores, bars and restaurants but they all tasted the same—I was really frustrated by the lack of options.
IF the excesses of Black Friday left you with a hangover so bad you've vowed never to touch another drop, non-alcoholic beer could be the answer.
The actor said he now prefers a cocktail of diet cola mixed with non-alcoholic beer because he thinks he looks more "manly" drinking that.
A non-alcoholic beer from Switzerland, Moussy is one of the biggest selling brands in the region and the latest film shows how a quiet dinner for threeis turned into chaos by the arrival of unexpected guests.
The policy includes non-alcoholic beer and nicotine products among the punishable substances.
International brands such as Barbican and Bavaria are a favourite among consumers of malt and non-alcoholic beer in Pakistan.
Laziza, appeared briefly on the market before being bought out by Almaza and converted into a non-alcoholic beer.
Sober surprise SOBER drivers who pass breath tests in the Czech Republic are to be given a free bottle of non-alcoholic beer.
Captain Christopher Wilcock, 41, shared a non-alcoholic beer with his son Marine James Hoyes, 22, at Camp Bastion, the main British base in Helmand Province.
The data doesn't include non-alcoholic beer or beer imported from outside the European Union.
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