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NTFBNorth Texas Food Bank
NTFBNepal Trust Fund for Biodiversity
NTFBNon-Timber Forest Products
NTFBNo Time for Breathing (band)
NTFBNot Too Freaking Bad (polite form)
NTFBNational Transport Fund Board
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To date the contribution of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) to poverty reduction economic development and biodiversity conservation has not gained traction in Cambodia.
It is used to calculate value of forest products such as: teak wood, Uris wood, jungle wood, and non-timber forest products such as honey, sugar, and ornamental plants.
Majority of rural people in Pakistan are utilising various non-timber forest products in one way or the other.
The chapter includes discussion of the importance of non-timber forest products like gaharu (incense wood).
One such initiative is the sustainable use of non-timber forest products, defined as all biological products extracted from a forest, with the exception of timber (Belcher, 2003).
Those four primary themes include non-timber forest products and agroforestry, community-based natural resource management, biocultural diversity, and forest governance.
Almost all the surveyed forest owners would recommend a MFO visit to other forest owners, and many found that working with MFO volunteers benefitted their bottom lines either through sales of timber and non-timber forest products, or enrollment in a tax-saving program.
Fast-forward to today, and Mohammed has become one of the Sault's preeminent experts on non-timber forest products (NTFPs), a subject with which she became well acquainted during a 10-year stint as a researcher with the Ontario Forest Research Institute.
'Most of the natural forests around these villages are managed for conservation or protection of non-timber forest products, so wood is only harvested for village use.'
Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) are an important forest resource in Pakistan, with the potential to make a significant economic contribution to small, resource-based communities.
"The Non-timber Forest Products program is designed to encourage potential, new and existing entrepreneurs and youth to take advantage of opportunities to launch and grow businesses based on harvesting, developing and marketing wild-harvested products available in and around northern communities," said, Food and Rural Initiatives Minister Rosann Wowchuk.
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