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Non-traditional students often lack the academic persistence to persevere and complete degrees (Bergman, Gross, Berry, & Shuck, 2014).
Engagement, its influences as well as consequences for the disaggregated non-traditional student groups can be analysed based on the findings reported in Tables 3, 4 and 5, respectively.
Our aim in writing this paper was to deepen understanding of the first-year experience of a non-traditional student using a phenomenological approach.
According to the data, by managing one's image in order to keep it associated to the idea of a strong individual, the non-traditional student communicates the impression of being more able to achieve greater opportunities at work, which tends to result in positive consequences in the home and study domains, as it increases self-esteem, competence and the economic and social status of the individual (Mallinckrodt & Leong, 1992).
For the purpose of this article, "re-entry students," "adult students," or "non-traditional students" describes students who have some previous college experience but are returning to classes after a period of time.
While the demographic characteristics of the non-traditional student are reasonably well-understood, the sources of their stress with college life and the coping strategies they employ have not been as thoroughly researched.
For this reason, educators are unlikely to use the label 'non-traditional student' when referring to student-workers in secondary schools despite the fact that school students who have paid part-time jobs are now becoming the norm in Australia.
Relative to Hypothesis 5, there is a difference between the non-traditional student and the traditional students' expectations for personal development and preparation for career goals.
With programs catering to adult and non-traditional students, these schools have experienced record growth in an otherwise weak economy.
This "help seeking" behavior is a quality found more often in the non-traditional student than the traditional student (Graham & Donaldson, 1999; Merriam & Brockett, 1997).
This authors' experiences at a small schools suggests that smaller schools attempt to reach non-traditional students by building on their strongest programs and incrementally moving towards meeting the needs of the non-traditional student.
"The environmental resources CD is developed with the non-traditional student in mind.
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