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NVRNetwork Video Recorder
NVRNon Volatile Ram
NVRnot Verify
NVRNo Visa Required
NVRNaval Vessel Register (US Navy)
NVRNene Valley Railway (UK)
NVRNo Voltage Release (electronics)
NVRNovgorod (Russia)
NVRNon Volatile Residue
NVRNew Venture Research (Nevada City, CA)
NVRNon-Volatile RAM
NVRNaval Vessel Rules
NVRNederlandse Vereniging van Rubber- en Kunststoffabrikanten (Dutch Rubber Manufacturers Association)
NVRNon-VSAM Volume Record (IBM mainframes disk storage management)
NVRNorthern Vermont Railroad Company
NVRNational VET (Vocational Education and Training) Regulation (Australia)
NVRNon-Viewable Remains
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Three companies are aiming to develop a product using NRAM non-volatile RAM that achieves several 1000 times faster rewrites and many thousands of times more rewrite cycles than embedded flash memory, making it potentially capable of replacing DRAM with non-volatile memory.
Fujitsu Semiconductor has been designing and producing FRAM, a type of non-volatile RAM, since the late 90s, and is one of the few companies to have integrated FRAM design and production capabilities.