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NAMNamibia (ISO Country code)
NAMNew America Media (est. 1996; California)
NAMNetwork Analysis Module (Cisco)
NAMNational Association of Manufacturers
NAMNational Army Museum (United Kingdom)
NAMNon-Aligned Movement (South Africa)
NAMNorth American
NAMNampa (Amtrak station code; Nampa, ID)
NAMNomura Asset Management (various locations)
NAMNorthwest Assistance Ministries (Houston, TX)
NAMNational American Miss (pageant)
NAMNational Assembly Member (various nations)
NAMNot Any More
NAMNorth American Martyrs (Lincoln, NE and Monroeville, PA)
NAMNederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij
NAMNational Account Manager(s)
NAMNonaligned Movement
NAMNetwork Analysis Module
NAMNetwork Animator
NAMName and Address Module
NAMNovell Access Manager
NAMNetwork Applications Manager
NAMNetwork Application Module
NAMNon Aligned Movement
NAMNetwork Access Manager
NAMNumber of Abstract Methods
NAMNetware Application Manager
NAMNumber Assignment Modem
NAMNetwork Asset Manager
NAMNissay Asset Management (Japan)
NAMNational Agency for Medicines (Finland)
NAMNumber Assignment Module
NAMNational Annual Meeting (various organizations)
NAMNational Account Manager
NAMNorth American Mesoscale (weather forecast model)
NAMNetwork Access Mode
NAMNorthern Annular Mode (meteorology)
NAMNational AIDS Manual (UK)
NAMNew Asylum Model (UK)
NAMNew Approach Methodologies (European Chemicals Agency)
NAMNorth American Monsoon
NAMNon-Asian Minority
NAMNiitsu Art Museum (Niigata, Japan)
NAMNational Atomic Museum (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
NAMNational Automobile Museum
NAMNorstar Applications Module
NAMNetwork Access Module
NAMNavy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal
NAMNetwork Addon Mod (video game progamming module)
NAMNational Apostolate of Maronites
NAMNaval Aircraft Modification (US Navy)
NAMNunavut Association of Municipalities (Canada)
NAMNúcleo de Apoyo a la Mujer (Spanish: Center for Support to Women; Dominican Republic)
NAMNetwork Asset Management (Sprint)
NAMNovell Account Management
NAMNorth American Management (Boston, MA)
NAMNational Air Museum
NAMNational Agronomy Manual
NAMName and Address Module (telephony)
NAMNumeric Assignment Module
NAMNetwork Access Machine
NAMNew Account Manager
NAMN-Accumulator Multiplier (computing)
NAMNetwork Access Method
NAMNot Actual Mileage (automotive)
NAMNitric Acid Monohydrate
NAMNetwork Adaptation Module
NAMNetwork Assessment Model
NAMNetwork Applications Management (Cisco)
NAMNashville Association of Musicians
NAMNetwork Activity Monitoring
NAMNet Availability Margin
NAMNetwork Advisory Message
NAMNon-Action Message
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membership and the eventual formation of the influential nonaligned movement.(39)
Concerned that a few countries were poised to divide up Antarctica among themselves, the member nations of the NonAligned Movement began agitating for United Nations stewardship of the Antarctic.
As Marxist prime ministers and leaders of the nonaligned movement, both found themselves subverted from abroad: Jagan by British troops and Kennedy-sponsored unrest ("I think a great injustice was done to Cheddi Jagan," Kennedy adviser Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
In contrast, in the final chapter in this part of the book Wittner summarizes admirably the international impact of the nonaligned movement during its first six years.
Perhaps not all of Wittner's arguments about the effectiveness of the nonaligned movement, or its credibility as an alternative to the nuclear arms race, will prove convincing to many readers.
But Cuba, I had noticed by then, was becoming quite a dynamic force in the nonaligned movement, was taking strong positions on Third World trade and economic issues.
There are also Soviet-style banners and billboards like the one reading: "Nonaligned Movement represents the struggle against racism, colonialism, hegemony and foreign oppression.
THE Nonaligned Movement's much-heralded summit meeting next week in Tehran - featuring dozens of leaders from the developing world, including President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India, as well as the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon - will elevate Iran as the movement's new president for three years and enhance Tehran's regional and international clout.
Summary: <p>Prodded by Libya, the UN Security Council agreed after a two-hour emergency session Wednesday to hold its monthly meeting on the Middle East a week earlier than planned to discuss alleged war crimes in Gaza last winter.AaPalestinians, Arab nations and the 118-nation Nonaligned Movement of mainly developing countries strongly backed the Libyan initiative for the 15-nation Security Council.
Thematic entries offer thematic interpretations and analytical discussions of such topics as apartheid, the Balkan wars of the 1990s, caste systems, capital flight, the impact of debt on development, currency regimes, infant mortality, the Intifada, the Great Leap Forward, intellectual property rights, Islamic fundamentalism, foreign direct investment, guerilla warfare, liberation theology, and the Nonaligned movement, to name a few.
But Jiang recalled the 1950s, when then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and then Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai were the undisputed leaders of the nonaligned movement, which sought to counter the influence of Moscow and Washington.
The nonaligned movement expects to have a greater role to play in the future.