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NDENondestructive Examination
NDENo Diplomatic Exchange (US Department of State)
NDENear Death Experience
NDENon-Destructive Evaluation (engineering)
NDENondestructive Evaluation (ultrasound material evaluation)
NDENetflow Data Export
NDENissan Design Europe
NDENorton Disk Editor
NDENews Development Environment
NDENetflow Data Export (Cisco)
NDENevada Desert Experience
NDENon Drive End (engineering drawings)
NDENotre Dame Elementary (Belmont, California)
NDENavy Data Environment (US Navy)
NDENo Discernible Effect
NDENon-Destructive Entry
NDENever Die Easy (online gaming)
NDENetwork Design Engineer
NDENAVSEA Data Environment (US Navy)
NDENetwork Data Element (Bellcore)
NDENotre Dame Encounter (with Christ Retreat)
NDENew Data Equipment
NDENon-Distributed Energy (electric power transmission & distribution industry)
NDENo Delay Expected
NDENet Direct Expenditure
NDEnon destructive essay
NDENon-Departmental Enterprise (India)
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The acoustic lens and its sound bullets (which can exist in fluids-like air and water-as well as in solids) have "the potential to revolutionize applications from medical imaging and therapy to the nondestructive evaluation of materials and engineering systems," said Daraio.
2000, "Applications of Infrared Thermography in NonDestructive Evaluation," Trends in Optical Nondestructive Testing (invited chapter), Pramod Rastogi ed.
Roland Dutton received the second highest honorary award provided to civilian employees by the Air Force in recognition of his distinguished performance as the chief of the metals branch of the metals, ceramics, and nondestructive evaluation division.
In the area of materials engineering, SwRI's services range from software for assessing uncertainties and predicting reliability, to technologies for nondestructive evaluation of structures such as pipelines and bridges.
Acoustic Emission Nondestructive Evaluation of Yankee Dryers
The security scanner has its roots in a three-dimensional holograph imagery technology program that was established at Pacific Labs in the 1970s to develop nondestructive evaluation technologies for nuclear reactors.
Recent work has been done in thermographic nondestructive evaluation (NDE) methods for many classes of materials, including composite structures (3-6].
PIPA also is said to accurately determine the remaining life of various materials and is described as being more precise than any other nondestructive evaluation technology on the market, including radiography, eddy current, ultrasonic, or other nondestructive evaluation methods.
The development of a technology for the rapid, accurate and nondestructive evaluation of quality characteristics of food and feed grains was pioneered by Karl Norris, Fred McClure and others.
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