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NNWSNonnuclear Weapon States
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So far, 107 nonnuclear weapon states have signed, and 73 have ratified, the Additional Protocol.
nuclear weapons development to nonnuclear weapon states. (13)
Critics are concerned that other nations would perceive RRW as a new weapon that is at odds with the reciprocity of obligations between nuclear and nonnuclear weapon states that is the core of the NPT, and particularly with U.S.
The NPT came into force in 1970, with signatory countries divided into two groups -- one is the nuclear weapon states of the United States, Russia, China, France and Britain, and the other, nonnuclear weapon states. India, Pakistan and Israel do not belong to either group.
In the case of the agreement with China, Members of Congress attached conditions to the joint resolution of approval of the agreement, based on concerns, among others, that China was exporting materials and equipment relevant for nuclear weapons development to nonnuclear weapon states. (9)
and aid nonproliferation by preventing nonnuclear weapon states from developing nuclear weapons of advanced design.