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NRNaval Reserve
NRNot Rated
NRNot Required
NRNear (hospitality industry)
NRNational Register
NRNational Review (political magazine)
NRNatural Resources
NRNatural Rubber
NRNetwork Rail (UK)
NRNuclear Receptor (protein class)
NRNouvelle République (French: New Republic; newspaper)
NRNichtraucher (German: non-smokers)
NRNational Rail (Australia)
NRNationalrat (Austrian Parlamentary Institution)
NRNo Regrets
NRNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) restricted
NRNo Rush (Starcraft game)
NRNekromantix (band)
NRNull Reference
NRNegative Reinforcement
NRNaval Reactor
NRNo Replication (Cache)
NRNaturally Radioactive
NRNicktoons Racing (game)
NRNarrow Resonance
NRNegative Rebuttal (debate)
NRNo Refill (prescription)
NRSubmersible Research Vehicle (Nuclear Propulsion)
NRNavigational Radar
NRNautic Radio (Island of Vis, Croatia)
NRNet Riddle (Central Riddle Network)
NRNorth American Rockwell Corporation
NRNormothermic Recirculation
NRNørrer (Danish: Northern)
NRNo Resuscitation/Revival
NRNucleo de Reserva (Guatemala, police reserves)
NRMain Rotor Speed-Rotor Rate of Rotation in percent
NRNotice of Results/Rating
NRNomad Renegade (gaming clan)
NRNo Recovery
NRNo Response (polls)
NRNetwork Report
NRNo Reference
NRNouveau Riche
NRNovember Rain (Guns N' Roses song)
NRNot Real (mathematics)
NRNew Roads (Louisiana)
NRNintendo Revolution (game system)
NRNeutral Red (dye)
NRNintendo Ring
NRNothing Really
NRNot Recommended
NRNot Reported
NRNext Round
NRNo Reaction
NRNo Reply
NRNight Rider
NRNewly Reformulated (pharmacology)
NRNo Repeats
NRNorwich (postcode, United Kingdom)
NRNuclear Reactor
NRNice Roll
NRNo Reserve
NRNoise Reduction
NRNon-conformance Report
NRNorthern Rebels (gaming clan)
NRNot Ready
NRNon-Record Material
NRNorsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center)
NRRecurrent Nova
NRNot Really
NRNeutron Radiography
NRNotes Receivable
NRNot Remarkable
NRNumber of Rotations (main rotor speed)
NRNorthern Region (Ghana)
NRNummer (Swedish: Number)
NRNot Reserved (auction)
NRNot Racist
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The meeting reviewed important features of Dealers Vehicle Registration System (DVRS) for elimination of bogus and nonregistered vehicles from the province.
There are many officially registered and nonregistered sawmill industries in this district, which contain various departments with different job descriptions in sawmills.
The exemption essentially lifts the ban on widespread solicitation of potential investors that applies to nonregistered securities offerings.
Income riders are a relatively new phenomenon in the world of nonregistered annuities.
Nonregistered voters could opt out of automatic voter registration.
The mobile app also allows nonregistered users to view a sample of select campus feeds.
LAHORE -- Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination Thursday assured its full support to the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) for taking action against nonregistered pharmaceutical companies and other groups involved in playing with the health of masses through fake medicines and cosmetics.
Last week his trading standards team at Essex county council warned about a dozen nonregistered teeth whitening clinics they could be breaking the law.
Spilsbury and Meyer (2004) addressed the work of nonregistered nurses or health care assistants (HCAs) in the United Kingdom.
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority announced in August that it had filed a complaint against Wedbush Securities for systemic supervisory and anti-money laundering violations in connection with providing direct market access and sponsored access to broker-dealers and nonregistered market participants.
Case Study: Margaret has a nonregistered investment' portfolio of $250,000 from which she has been deriving annual income from dividends.