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NSSQNorbeck Social Support Questionnaire
NSSQNational Security Studies Quarterly
NSSQNarcolepsy Symptom Status Questionnaire (sleep disorder)
NSSQNational Student Survey Questionnaire (UK)
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The Norbeck Social Support Questionnaire is a self-report questionnaire for which subjects list the individuals in their support network and then rate each on a series of 9 items concerning 3 dimensions of social support, including total functional variables (affect, affirmation, aid), total network variables (number in network, duration of relationships, frequency of contact), and total loss (whether a loss has occurred in the past 12 months and a subjective rating of the amount of support lost).
The Norbeck Social Support Questionnaire (NSSQ), for example, asks respondents to name the persons important to them, and then collects the characteristics of each.