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NIFNational Ignition Facility
NIFNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Industry Forum
NIFNew Israel Fund
NIFNorges Idrettsforbund (Norwegian sports organization)
NIFNumero de Identificación Fiscal (Spain)
NIFNational Islamic Front (Sudan)
NIFNeighborhood Information Frame
NIFNetwork Information File
NIFNational Innovation Foundation (India)
NIFNational Issues Forum (various locations)
NIFNeuroscience Information Framework (neuroscience resources network)
NIFNote Issuance Facility
NIFNCOIC (Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium) Interoperability Framework
NIFNegative Inspiratory Force
NIFNational Immigration Forum
NIFNational Insurance Fund (Great Britain)
NIFNational Investment Fund (Poland)
NIFNeighborhood Investment Fund (various organizations)
NIFNetImmerse File
NIFNewsletter on Intellectual Freedom (American Library Association)
NIFNotation Interchange File
NIFNorth Island Facilities Ltd. (Manhasset, NY)
NIFNavy Industrial Fund
NIFNot In File
NIFNo- Image Forming (light)
NIFNon-Invasive Flow Study
NIFNeighbor Information Frame (FDDI)
NIFNon-Instructional Faculty (various organizations)
NIFNetwork Integration Facility
NIFNetwork Interface Function
NIFNeutral International Force (in Rwanda)
NIFNordic Industrial Fund (Denmark)
NIFNavy Inactive Fleet
NIFNetwork Initialization File
NIFNATO Interoperability Framework
NIFNative IP Forwarding
NIFNoise Improvement Factor
NIFNational Iota Foundation
NIFNATO Interface Facility
NIFNetwork Information Flow
NIFNon-Industrial Facilities
NIFNuclear Information File
NIFNot Industrially Funded
NIFNo Indirect Fire
NIFNever In Field
NIFNorges Sivilingeniorers Forening
NIFNo Intelligent Friends
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The network was sponsored by the Nordic Industrial Fund and 38 companies in the five Nordic countries.
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