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When the booksellers contested the subpoenas, federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson ruled that the government would first be required to demonstrate a compelling need for the customer data.
Similarly, when Kenneth Starr's deputy Charles Bakaly III was acquitted of lying to a federal court about leaking secret information last year, Federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson nonetheless found that Bakaly "was in fact the direct source, or at least a confirming source, for much of the information found in the [January 31, 1999] Times article," something Bakaly admitted.
And after threatening him with jail time for months, federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson this month finally found Charles G.
Judge Norma Holloway Johnson ultimately ruled against Clinton's use of executive privilege in the Lewinsky investigation.
La juez Norma Holloway Johnson acepta examinar las denuncias de que la oficina del fiscal Starr ha filtrado informacion confidencial del Gran Jurado.
The trial took a dramatic turn on Saturday, when US District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson ordered Ms Lewinsky to appear for questioning.
US District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson ruled Lewinsky must `allow herself to be debriefed' by the prosecution team or lose her immunity deal.
The ruling on Monica's questioning was made by District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson.
While Federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson was investigating White House charges that Starr's office illegally leaked, that investigation was not especially interesting to the press.
The federal appeals court in Washington also affirmed the order by Judge Norma Holloway Johnson, who is presiding over the Ken Starr grand jury investigation, denying the media access to district court proceedings and documents relating to the Monica Lewinsky matter.
US District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson has ordered Starr and members of his team to a court hearing over the "serious" disclosures of grand jury evidence.