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Data were collected from December 2013 through March 2014 on the number of total cases performed by month and the number of cases performed during the normal business day for each month.
Other advantages include fast installation; less site disruption; multiple lining in a normal business day; and water shutoffs and bypass pumping often are not necessary.
"We can deal with folks from Tokyo to New York in the course of a normal business day's activity," says Brill.
Orders could be placed throughout the normal business day.
It will be a `9-5' normal business day, and being an MSP should be a full-time job.
1.274-6T(b)(1) and (2) provide that farmers can claim a 75% QBU for one vehicle without allocating use if the vehicle is used during most of the normal business day directly in connection with the business of farming.
The substance of that call differs from what he usually hears on a normal business day.
During the course of a normal business day, credit professionals work with accounts payable departments to process invoices for payment.
In the course of a normal business day, members of Congress will cater to all sorts of people--not just rich, hypocritical moralists.
Customers who deposit cheques before 11.30am on a normal business day can clear their checques free of charge by 3.00pm on the same day.
Sales at the restaurants within BinHendi Enterprises rose by 12-15 per cent compared to normal business days, bolstered by the ongoing Dubai Food Festival.
And during normal business days, AOPA members will receive their package of information within 24 hours!