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NMDCNational Mineral Development Corporation (India)
NMDCNormal Dc
NMDCNeo Modus Direct Connect
NMDCNew Mexico Department of Corrections
NMDCNational Museums Directors' Conference (London, UK)
NMDCNon-Magnetic Drilling Collar (oil drilling)
NMDCNational Minorities with Disabilities Coalition
NMDCNano and Micro Devices Center (University of Alabama in Huntsville)
NMDCNational Medical Device Coalition
NMDCNational Drought Mitigation Center
NMDCNigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria
NMDCNigerian Medical and Dental Council
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Normal DC noise rejection implements a digital filter with equal weighting for all samples.
Second-order DC noise rejection creates nulls only at even multiples of the inverse of the aperture period, but the nulls are wider and the overall response falls off faster with frequency than for normal DC rejection.
Investigation showed Hb-9gm%, WBC- 8300, normal DC, Platelet Count- 2.5 lakh, ESR- 38 mm/hr, CRP- 51.48 mg.
For the case where only the gate-source terminal is pulsed, the drain-source terminal is swept in a normal DC manner.
The drain terminal is not pulsed but is merely swept in a normal DC manner.
By producing solar panels capable of changing the normal DC power to household-ready AC, designers from several manufacturers have removed the need for a large and expensive inverter.
At normal DC cathodic protection voltage levels, DC leakage current will be substantially under 1.0 milliampere.
The pulsed measurements are performed by pulsing the drain source and gate source terminals, pulsing only the gate source terminal while the drain source terminal is swept in a DC manner and pulsing only the drain source terminal while the gate source is swept in a normal DC manner.
Curve 2 corresponds to the case where the gate source is pulsed from the static point of [V.sub.gs] = -1 V while the drain source is swept in a normal DC manner.