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NDFNeue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft (German film production company)
NDFNeutral Detergent Fiber (in forages)
NDFNeutral Detergent Fiber
NDFNational Democratic Front (Philippines)
NDFNorske Dramatikeres Forbund (Norwegian: Writers' Guild of Norway)
NDFNational Defence Force (various locations)
NDFNetwork Diagnostic Framework
NDFNevada Division of Forestry (Carson City, NV)
NDFNon-Deliverable Forward (forward contracts in countries with currency restrictions)
NDFNetwork Diagnostics Framework (Microsoft)
NDFNeutral Density Filter
NDFNo Defect(s) Found
NDFNational Drug Formulary (pharmacotherapy resource)
NDFNational Development Framework (Afghanistan)
NDFNumber of Degrees of Freedom
NDFNonproliferation and Disarmament Fund
NDFNational Development Foundation (Antigua and Barbuda)
NDFNormal Distribution Function (stochastics)
NDFNational Digital Forum (New Zealand)
NDFNew Data Flag (SONET)
NDFNuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund (Japan)
NDFNLAPS Data Format
NDFNetShrine Discussion Forum (baseball)
NDFNational Defense Features
NDFNetwork Definition Facility
NDFNorwegian Development Fund
NDFNetwork Design Facility
NDFNorsk Diplomacyforbund
NDFNoise and Distortion Figure
NDFNational Data Form
NDFNihon Data Fusion Co., Ltd. (Japan)
NDFNaval Dairy Farm (US Navy)
NDFNo Direct Fire
NDFNothelfergemeinschaft der Freunde eV
NDFNumeric Differentiation Formula
NDFNon-Coherent Decision Feedback
NDFNorwegian Dive Federation
NDFNational Drug Free Youth Foundation (also seen as NDFYF; Miami, FL)
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Here make illustration for the Moro algorithm implementation, as shown in equation (5), where the cumulative standard normal distribution function is the integral of standard normal distribution density function.
Cumulates and normal distribution function, built on the results of experimental determination of the values of time intervals [t.
But this may be the cause of appearing certain irregularities with the practice, due to the fact that the normal distribution function covers the whole range of real numbers, and it may result into the fact that there may be a non-zero probability that the price of a security title to be negative.
In case the value of the standard normal distribution function is equal to the service level, the stock level q barely covers the expected utilization demand [mu] that can be characterized with an a standard deviation by an SSL reliability level:
To determine the theoretical frequency of variation range of the studied trait was used the normal distribution function I (f (t)), for which the equation of Gauss--Laplace was exposed to following contraction:
where [lambda](t) may be interpreted as the market price of longevity risk associated with the survival probability S(t), (10) and [PHI] is the standard normal distribution function.
where [PHI] is the standard normal distribution function, log indicates base 10 logarithm, and [[sigma].
It is based on an integral similar to the Normal distribution function taking into account the sign of x.
The normal distribution function originates from what is known as the probability density function (Gaussian function):
While the math can be a little complicated, the analysis is based upon the assumption that production per year is shaped like the standard normal distribution function.
1](x) the inverse function of the cumulative standard normal distribution function.