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NRKNorsk Rikskringkasting (Norwegian State Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)
NRKNormal Rat Kidney
NRKNorsk Retrieverklubb (Norwegian Retriever Association)
NRKNederlandse Rode Kruis (Dutch: Dutch Red Cross)
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NRKNihon Ruuteru Kyoudan (Japanese Lutheran church)
NRKNippon Record Keeping Network (Japan)
NRKNorsk Røde Kors (Norwegian Red Cross)
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Although there was no difference in the basal uptake of PAH mediated by rOat1 and 3 in renal cortical slices from T2DM rats in our study, we have shown that insulin-stimulated PAH transport was blunted and might possibly alter other organic anion clearances, and CGE was able to restore insulin effect on PAH transport to levels of normal rat kidneys, implicating that CGE could certainly preserve anionic secretory process in T2DM condition (Figure 4).
Consistently, the present data strongly demonstrated that CGE directly inhibits PKC[alpha] and stimulates PKC[zeta], resulting in restoration of insulin-stimulated rOat1 and 3 functions in renal cortical slices similarly to normal rat kidneys (Figure 7).
There were rare ED-l-positive macrophages accumulated in normal rat kidneys, however, there was a significant increase of macrophage infiltration in the control diabetic rats.