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"This is like a normal video game, but instead of a text popping up on the screen, a voice will tell you what to do next.
"Normal video surveillance is good to counter street crime, but with terrorism it is not the case."
You would think this is a normal video clip of a cancer patient, but you're shocked after hearing Elissa, talking in what seemed like a real phone call.
This sensor allows Super Slow-mo to record content that's 32 times slower than normal video, and four times slower than any other slow-motion mobile technology.
I've seen it from our normal video guy who films the game from the stand and you would say it is not over the line from that one.
Normal video games created in the style of "Mario Bros." present players with a set of puzzles and enemies that can typically be overcome with ease.
Both Frazier and Hagen agree that relying on a company's normal video surveillance system should be adequate.
"First, the video is uploaded to secure storage at typically 15 times the upload speed of a normal video file.
It needs to support the normal video generation but usually should be lower than the maximum allowed sending capacity of a node.
The way these projects build up is totally different from the path we traditionally follow while collecting clips for a normal video part.
It also allows simultaneous speech, which normal video conferencing usually can't cope with.