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The education at this point needs to increase, otherwise people will continue to throw it with normal waste which will end up in landfill and maybe even sewerage systems.
Waste with radiation levels exceeding 100,000 becquerels needs to be kept in a disposal site with its walls and base sealed with reinforced concrete to keep out rainwater, and only waste with radiation levels of 8,000 becquerels or below can be disposed of like normal waste.
NEW recycling banks are beginning to appear throughout Gateshead aimed at making it easier to cut down on normal waste.
But the problem with that scheme was that the medical facilities wanted to save money, and they ended up throwing some of the medical waste with the normal waste," said Al Shaibani.
One prefecture faces about 18 million tonnes of material waste at the moment, that is generally equivalent of 23 years of annual normal waste, and it will take at least three to five years to clean the area.
Ensuring public safety is of paramount importance to every council and, with many side roads and streets untreated due to the snow, it has been impossible for many councils operating very large and heavy vehicles to carry out their normal waste collections." Send your pictures of the rubbish build-up to newsdesk@mediawales.co.uk
Consumers purchasing Sharpak products displaying this symbol will be able to deposit the empty trays in designated bags, the consumer putting this outside their homes by the normal waste collection.
He said: "They were handed out at a presentation to tell us about how great an idea it was to reduce the normal waste collection, with no consultation with locals.
The cartons can easily be recycled along with the normal waste paper stream.
Fuji EnviroMax batteries do not contain poisonous cadmium or mercury, are packaged with recycled paper and fully recyclable PET plastic and can be harmlessly disposed of through normal waste systems.
"But I was told by the council there were rules and they had to be obeyed." Former rail worker Len, from West Earlham, Norwich, said he had been left muddled by new alternate weekly collections with normal waste being collected one week and recycling the next.