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NSNo Smoking
NSName Server
NSNetwork Simulator (networking research)
NSNova Scotia
NSNintendo Switch
NSNot Sure (survey response)
NSNatural Selection
NSNational Security
NSNot Significant
NSNot Specified
NSNew South
NSNetwork Services
NSNew South Wales (Australia)
NSNorfolk Southern Railway (railroad)
NSNon Stop
NSNervous System
NSNorth South
NSNorth Side
NSNorth Star (District in the Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America)
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NSNippon Shaft
NSNational Service
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NSNot Started
NSNederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railroads)
NSNippon Steel (Japan)
NSNinja Storm (Power Rangers cartoon)
NSNormal Saline
NSNot Statistically Significant
NSNational Standard
NSNasal Spray (drug administration)
NSNo Support
NSNight Strike (gaming)
NSNo Standard
NSNon-Structural (molecular biology)
NSNational Socialism
NSNeXTStep (Apple Computer)
NSNegeri Sembilan (Malaysian state)
NSNo Show
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NSNickel Steel (product feature)
NSNaming Service
NSNickServ (IRC Nickname Server)
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NSNot Scheduled
NSNew Spring (Wheel of Time short novel)
NSNeck Strap
NSNihon Spindle (Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co. Ltd.)
NSNon Sequitur (Latin: Not Continuing, epigraphy)
NSNationStates (online game)
NSNorsk Standard (Norwegian Standard)
NSNullsoft (developers of Winamp)
NSNippon Seiki (Japan)
NSNada Surf (band)
NSNeighbor Solicitation (computing)
NSNo Surrender
NSNimbostratus (cloud formation)
NSNetwork Series
NSNumber of Stations
NSNear Side
NSNon-Stationary Stochastic (neural information processing)
NSNo Synchronization
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NSNissan Soap (Japan)
NSNo Stuff (polite form)
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NSNachschrift (Geman: Post Scriptum (PS))
NSNetStorager System (SGI)
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The investigators found statistically significant physician satisfaction with the use of mannitol as a bladder distention medium over oral phenazopyridine, and slightly better satisfaction compared with the use of intravenous sodium fluorescein or normal saline distention.
5 mg sodium phenytoin per egg in the experimental group and an equivalent amount of normal saline in the control group directly into the egg albumen15.
Regarding the secondary outcome as per our study blood transfusion was required only in 8 patients, while 18 in normal saline group with p value of 0.
During January 2013 to January 2015, women who met these criteria and required induction received either normal saline or normal saline plus 5% dextrose when they began their oxytocin drip, at a rate of 250 mL/hour.
a) Oligodendrocyte degeneration was determined in brain sections from P7 rats that were exposed to either normoxia (21% oxygen (21%)) or hyperoxia (24 h, 80% oxygen (80%)) at P6 and treated with normal saline or 20,000 IU/kg Epo.
The plateau airway pressures were relatively stable throughout the study in the normal saline and NAC groups (F (1.
It is not clear whether the deoxygenations that have been reported to occur during suctioning with normal saline instillation were clinically significant.
Hypertonic saline (20%) and normal saline were used as positive and negative controls, respectively.
Values represent the onset of sleep and duration of sleep (in min) after treatment with normal saline (10 ml/kg), ZEO (200, 300 and 400) or bromazepam (5 mg/kg) and then all groups were treated with phenobarbitone (35 mg/kg).
All the standards and tests samples were prepared using sterile normal saline solution which also, served as placebo in the different experiments.
9% normal saline, (b) 3% hypertonic saline, and (c) levosalbutamol (1.
5 nil of the drug in 3 ml of normal saline would be sufficient to provide adequate bronchodilation.