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NSDNorthshore School District (Bothell, Washington)
NSDNorrländska Socialdemokraten (newspaper, Luleå, Sweden)
NSDNorsk Samfunnsvitenskapelig Datatjeneste (Norwegian: Norwegian Social Science Data Services)
NSDNational Service Dogs (Ontario, Canada)
NSDNetwork Service Daemon
NSDName Server Daemon
NSDNetwork Shared Disk
NSDNero Super Video
NSDNorton System Doctor
NSDNetware Services Division
NSDNational Signing Day (college football)
NSDNew Series Dalek (Doctor Who TV series)
NSDNational Scrapbooking Day
NSDNational Security Division (US FBI)
NSDNormalized Standard Deviation (data mining)
NSDNational Sales Director
NSDNetwork Shared Disk (computing)
NSDNever Say Die
NSDNew Strategic Direction (various organizations)
NSDNational Self-Determination
NSDNuclear Science Division
NSDNational Security Directorate
NSDNaval Supply Depot
NSDNew Service Development
NSDNeighborhood Services Division
NSDNational Sports Development (various locations)
NSDNegative Stiffness Device
NSDNormal Spontaneous Delivery (childbirth)
NSDNational Security Directives
NSDNewport School District (Newport, PA)
NSDNuclear Structure and Decay
NSDNuclear Safety Directorate (UK)
NSDNetwork Services Division
NSDNominal Standard Dose
NSDNamed Storm Days (hurricanes)
NSDNairobi Sheep Disease
NSDNormandy School District (Missouri)
NSDNervous System Disorders
NSDNational Sex Day
NSDNorth Shore Design (Falls Church, VA)
NSDNetSupport Deploy (computer networking)
NSDNotes System Diagnostics (IBM Lotus Notes)
NSDNaperville School District (Illinois)
NSDNassi-Shneiderman Diagram
NSDNavy Support Date
NSDNetwork Systems Design
NSDNetwork Service Daemon (Unix)
NSDNational Symposium for Debate (Warren, OH)
NSDNetwork Security Division
NSDNetwork Solutions Development
NSDNational Software Development (Finland)
NSDNorth Sea Directorate (Netherlands)
NSDNetwork System Development
NSDNo Structure Detected
NSDNetwork Service Definition
NSDNutrition Support Dietitian (Enteral Nutrition)
NSDNewstyledata (gaming)
NSDNetwork Status Display
NSDNational Surveillance of Dialysis-Associated Diseases in US.
NSDNo Significant Disease
NSDNational Signal Databases
NSDNational School District (California)
NSDNational Sales Division
NSDNumeric Suffix Disambiguation (humor)
NSDNavy Support Data
NSDNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Standard Detonator (space device)
NSDNational Service Days
NSDNon-Coherent Sequence Detection
NSDNuclear Services Department
NSDNavy Systems Department
NSDNeutron Systems Development Ltd (UK)
NSDNatural Spoken Dialog
NSDNon-Stationary Disturbance
NSDNational Service Directory (various locations)
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In this study, deviation distributions were used to evaluate the downscaled results for the entire basin under the basic assumptions that the normalized standard deviation, ([P.sub.ds] - [P.sub.obs])/[P.sub.obs], of all pixels within the basin are normally distributed and that the errors of the observed data accurately represent the entire basin.
In addition, a deviation distribution method was used to derive deviation estimates for the downscaled precipitation in regions without observation stations; the results show a 68.26% probability that the normalized standard deviation for the downscaled result at a given pixel falls between -0.096 and 0.4146.
The Normalized Standard Deviation ([sigma]) of IM-PUF is 0.0611, while the Normalized Standard Deviation of [31, 32] is 0.0818 and 0.0627, respectively.
However, Goossens (2006, 87) criticizes RSD for sometimes taking values below unity (i.e., if ASD < ISD), implying "a competition that is more equal than when the league is perfectly balanced." (4) To avoid this, she advocates using a normalized standard deviation measure, here denoted [ASD.sup.*] = ASD/[ASD.sup.ub], where [ASD.sup.ub] is the upper bound of ASD, corresponding to the ex post "most unequal distribution" (Fort and Quirk 1997; Horowitz 1997; Utt and Fort 2002).
Figure 13 shows the normalized standard deviation of the coefficients plotted for each octave for the flow over settled solids and the suspended solids flow regimes, the flow of water only through the pipe, and the pump without water and solids in the system, measured on the bottom of the pipe.
The normalized standard deviation of the degrees of the nodes can be used to characterize how much variability there is in the network density.
Test results showed that the normalized standard deviation of the liquid mass flow rate, which indicates the degree of maldistribution, changes from 0.088 to 0.263 with manifold inlet location changes, from 0.034 to 0.141 with manifold inlet mass flow rate changes, from 0.037 to 0.082 with tube number changes, and from 0.027 to 0.055 with tube pitch changes.
NSD represents the normalized standard deviation. NRMSE is the normalized root mean square error with the measurement at intensity C used as the true value.
For the range of silicone rubber samples tested, it was found that the results obtained from the Williams plastimeter had a lower normalized standard deviation than those obtained from the rapid plastimeter (when using mylar).
In addition, Rn shows normalized standard deviation ([sigma]) of -0.99 very close to the observation (1.00), an indication that the pattern variations are of the right amplitudes (Figure 2(a)).
As to the flux-variance relationship for temperature, it is generally assumed that the relationship between the normalized standard deviation of temperature ([[sigma].sub.T]/T,) and atmospheric stability ([zeta]) follows the -1/3 power law [37, 38]:
Weight of each of the four parameters are inversely proportional to their 24-month normalized standard deviations
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