NORTNetwork of Oriental Robotic Telescopes
NORTNational Office for Research and Technology (Hungary)
NORTNational Odor Recognition Test (police work dogs)
NORTNorthern Oahe Rescue Team (Mobridge, South Dakota)
NORTNuclear Ordnance Readiness Test
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Nort's brother has since been arrested for stealing the couple's white Ford Ranger pick-up truck but he denied any involvement in their disappearance.
Tat's rigt, we're getting excited about te Great Nort Run already.
The NORT ensures non-ATF dogs used by state, local and federal law enforcement agencies can detect basic explosive odors, Mr.
The company also said that Bill Van Nort has been named to the newly created post of chief technology officer.
Phoebe Washburn's Nunderwater Nort Lah, 2011, an installation that filled the main space at Zach Feuer, looks a good deal like a fort.
GIRLS Alou Nadine Coy dismissed poor sales debut sing saying she focusing o bigger pict The Nort Irish singer she was rea happy with the success Insatiable but claime she was eping track progress in harts.
Warrington director of youth development John Bastian said: "The lads mother made a big decision to move up nort so they can furthe develop their game and go and play first grade fo Warrington Wolves That's now well within their sights."
The 2009 event will be based in Sligo with stages running throughout the Nort West.
Among these obscure boutiques are specialized vintage shops like David Owens Vintage Clothing and Frock, unique sneaker shops such as Alife Rivington Club and Nort 235 (Best of New York Winners, Best Sneakers 2003 and 2004), and art galleries like Melissa Bent and Mirabelle Marden's Rivington Arms.
Cleverly, the portico also works in the other direction as a covered way between the newly sited car park to the nort h and the corner of the lake.
Kevin Robbins studied the alterations and deletions forced by Odet de Nort and his fellow pastors in La Popeliniere's Histoire de France, published in La Rochelle in 1581, finding that the pastors were most concerned with defending their own social and political position, and restricting the autonomy of the city's "menu peuple." Paul Nelles found astonishing continuity in the taste for religious books among the Catholic laity, even as their clergy were increasingly forced toward greater professionalism.
One was caused by infection with Bermejo virus and the other with Andes Nort viral lineage, both previously obtained from Oligoryzomys species.