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* WILY RINGNECKS Just as the South Island's rabbit population is outside the experience of most North American hunters, it is also tough to convey to the uninitiated how difficult it can be to shoot a wild, late-season pheasant.
North American Hunter Gifts, toys & games, apparel,
Today, North American hunters contribute several million dollars to the national economy every single day while supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs.
We North American hunters cannot take enough game to be certain of a given bullet or load in just a season or two, but it's a good idea to always do post-mortems.
The Remington 700 is such a staple among North American hunters that a cottage industry of adapting them into custom rifles has developed over the past decades.
IF WE HAD BEEN LEFT only with the spirit to hunt and no way to satisfy it, a lot of North American hunters would be pretty frustrated, as may be the case in Europe.
It's widely believed North American hunters pursue more white-tailed deer than any other game species.
Today's higher-priced scopes seem to hold up better, probably because North American hunters tend to use harder-kicking rifles than hunters elsewhere, even average African hunters.
Any interested in hunting will find this the perfect read: a lively accounting of some thirty North American hunters who bagged big game animals--most without guides, taken on public lands.
The UMass Amherst project will measure indoor air quality in tents used for subsistence hunting activities, by characterizing wood-smoke aerosol components, determining the resulting biological effects associated with exposure to biomass aerosol, and will recommend system improvements based on intervention strategies in a population of Native North American hunters living in subarctic North America.
In 2011, North American hunters spent $38.3 billion with $3 billion directed exclusively to conservation initiatives.
North American hunters kill about two million green-winged teal each season, putting them firmly in second place behind mallards as the most common duck in the bag.
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