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NACCNorth Atlantic Cooperation Council (NATO)
NACCNational Association of Career Colleges
NACCNorwegian-American Chamber of Commerce (New York)
NACCNational AIDS Control Council (Kenya)
NACCNorth American, Central American and Caribbean (International Civil Aviation Organization)
NACCNucleus Accumbens (brain region)
NACCNational Association of Counsel for Children
NACCNational Association of Catholic Chaplains
NACCNorth American Christian Convention
NACCNorthwest Arkansas Community College
NACCNational Association of Childbearing Centers
NACCNature Action Collaborative for Children (Redmond, WA)
NACCNational Association of Care Catering (West Sussex, UK)
NACCNational Advisory Committee on Children (various organizations)
NACCNative American Chamber of Commerce (various locations)
NACCNorthside Aztlan Community Center (Fort Collins, CO)
NACCNew Air Combat Capability (Australia)
NACCNational Academy of Chiropractic Coders (Gaylord, MI)
NACCNational Association of Colitis and Crohn's Disease (UK)
NACCNashville Area Chamber of Commerce (Tennessee)
NACCNetwork-Assisted Cell Change (GSM)
NACCNational Association of Congregational Churches (Philippines)
NACCNicaraguan American Chamber of Commerce
NACCNaval Ambulatory Care Clinic
NACCNational Mall and Memorial Parks (US National Park Service)
NACCNASA ADP Consolidation Center
NACCNational AIDS Co-ordinating Committee (Trinidad and Tobago)
NACCNational Automobile Chamber of Commerce (1913-1934)
NACCNorth Avon Canoe Club (UK)
NACCNorton Apostolic Christian Church (Ohio)
NACCNational Automatic Controls Conference
NACCNational Access Customer Centers (GTE)
NACCNorth American Calibration Cooperative (Canada)
NACCNTC Airspace Control Center
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Kazakhstan is a member of the United Nations, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and North Atlantic Cooperation Council. Kazakhstan held the chairmanship of the OSCE in 2010 and held an OSCE summit in Astana in December 2010.
In the first step, 3 Eastern European countries including Czech, Poland, and Hungry joined NATO through North Atlantic Cooperation Council in 1991 and then Partnership for Peace in 1994.
North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC) establishment in 1991 made the opportunity to the remaining republics of the Soviet collapse along with the Eastern European countries and NATO members to help maintain peace and security in Europe by attending in the meetings of council.
the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (now known as the Euro-Atlantic
In the following year, NATO established the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC), where officials from Russia and other former communist countries could meet with the representatives of the NATO countries.
The North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC), which was created by the November 1991 Rome Summit and convenes on an ad hoc basis after the NAC ministerial meeting, must be strengthened.
Instead, the multifarious institutions established by the Western allies during the Cold War (Nato, the OECD, the Western European Union, the Council of Europe, the Group of Seven, the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe and now, as a post-Cold War addition, the bafflingly nebulous North Atlantic Cooperation Council) have yet to give any sign of dividing up necessary tasks within a consensual framework.
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