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NCPNationalist Congress Party (political party in India)
NCPNational Congress Party (Sudan; India)
NCPNational Consumer Panel (survey company)
NCPNetWare Core Protocol
NCPNursing Care Plan
NCPNational Contingency Plan
NCPNetwork Control Protocol
NCPNutrition in Clinical Practice (journal)
NCPNon-Custodial Parent
NCPNorth China Plain (alluvial plain)
NCPNational Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan
NCPNational Contact Point (OECD)
NCPNetwork Control Program
NCPNovell Core Protocol
NCPNetwork Consolidation Project
NCPNetwork Co-Processor
NCPNational Conscience Party (Namibia)
NCPNational Competition Policy (Australia)
NCPNational Center for Physics (Pakistan)
NCPNew Construction Program (various organizations)
NCPNotice of Compensation Payable (worker's compensation; Pennsylvania)
NCPNorth Celestial Pole
NCPNew Community Project (various locations)
NCPNew Communities Program (various locations)
NCPNational Check Professional (financial services certification)
NCPNon-Contributory Pension (various locations)
NCPNetwork Control Panel
NCPNetwork Control Point
NCPNational Council of Psychotherapists (UK)
NCPNutrition Care Process
NCPNepali Congress Party
NCPNetwork Community Profile
NCPNorthern Contaminants Program
NCPNational Council of Provinces (South Africa)
NCPNational Car Park (United Kingdom)
NCPNational Convention Party (Ghana)
NCPNon-Contracting Party (fisheries)
NCPNot Copy Protected
NCPNetwork Control Processor
NCPNormes Canadiennes de La Publicité (Canadian agency for ad criticism)
NCPNorth Castle Partners (Greenwich, CT)
NCPNational Council on Privatization (Nigeria)
NCPNew Conservative Party (Japan)
NCPNevada Corporate Planners (Las Vegas, NV)
NCPNational Capital Parks (National Park Service)
NCPNorth Cyprus Properties
NCPNorthern Colorado Plateau (US NPS)
NCPNutrition Center of the Philippines
NCPNationally Certified Psychologist
NCPNational Commission on Population (India and Nepal)
NCPNurse Candidate Program
NCPNeuro-Cybernetic Prosthesis
NCPNew Chemicals Program (EPA)
NCPNon-Carbon Paper
NCPNational Conservative Party
NCPNon Conforming Product
NCPNatural Child Project
NCPNetwork Connection Point
NCPNetworks Consolidation Program (US NASA)
NCPNo Cover Productions (party production; Denver, CO)
NCPNorth Core Project
NCPNet Community Productivity
NCPNon-Conformance Penalty
NCPNational Climate Program
NCPnot currently present
NCPNational Crime Prevention Programme (Australia)
NCPNoncapsid Protein
NCPNon-Compliance Penalty
NCPNearest Codeword Problem
NCPNextGen Certified Professional
NCPNational Airspace System Change Proposal
NCPNetwork Control Project
NCPNORAD Command Post
NCPNodal Control Point
NCPNature Coast Painters
NCPNavy Capabilities Plan
NCPNormalized Coefficient of Probability
NCPNo Chest Pain
NCPNational Collections Program (Smithsonian Institution)
NCPNatural Cane Products
NCPNet Control Procedure
NCPNaval Capability Pillars (US Navy planning concepts: Sea Strike, Sea Shield, Sea Base, FORCENet)
NCPNaval Communication Plan
NCPNetwork and Communications Provider
NCPN-Chloropiperidine (toxicology)
NCPNational Centre for Pharmacovigilance (also seen as NCPV; Ghana)
NCPNice Canasta Partner
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North China Plain exhibits a relatively small aggregate change to global warming, which is inconsistent with the results of Xu et al.
However, soil and ground water are affected by excess application of nitrogen in the North China Plain, with approximately 70% of the applied nitrogen accumulated in 0-500 cm soil layer (Li et al., 2016).
Zhang, "Quantifying the total airborne nitrogen input into agro-ecosystems in the north China plain," Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, vol.
In the North China Plain and South China, the TRF changes by -0.2 to -0.8 W/[m.sup.2]; near the Sichuan Basin, there is a region of strongly negative variations of TRF with a maximum value of -0.94 W/[m.sup.2], which is consistent with the variations in the BC aerosol optical depth.
Therefore, the objective of this research is to explore the effects of three postsowing compaction methods (compacting wheel, crosskill roller, and V-shaped compacting roller after crosskill roller) on cold and frost tolerance capacity of North China Plain winter wheat.
Agricultural tillage practices, such as NTCT, may affect nutrient loss from agricultural soils, but the studies mentioned above primarily showed the positive effects of NTCT on soil properties and yield in an annual single-cropping area, and there is little information regarding NTCT in annual double-cropping areas, particularly in the North China Plain. The aim of the present study was to compare NTCT, random traffic no-till (NTRT) and CT systems on soil chemical properties and crop yields in the annual maize and wheat crop rotation area of the North China Plain to find more sustainable tillage practices.
These could provide good agronomic measures to increase grain yield and water-saving planting pattern in North China Plain for winter wheat.
The book explains that because the Yellow River is set amidst a landscape of steep gorges in the North China Plain, climatic fluctuations occurring in the upstream portion of the plateau are of great concern in maintaining flows.
During the second half of the 13th century, the Mongols who had conquered China built a magnificent city on the North China Plain at the site of Ji, already a renowned capital city of the region.
Two strategically important ones are under the North China Plain and the US Great Plains.
The research published by IOP Science discovered a net warming effect from the excessive use of N fertilizer focused on intensive farming areas in the North China Plain and middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Basin.
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