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The currents of the North Pacific Gyre collect a huge amount of plastic waste from East Asia and the West Coast of the U.
The Texas-sized "great garbage patch" in the North Pacific Gyre holds an estimated 3 million metric tons of mostly plastic trash, six times the mass of the plankton found there.
Consisting largely of partially decomposed consumer waste such as plastic bags, bottles, fast-food wrappers and toys, the rubbish moves as a single entity because of the presence of the North Pacific Gyre.
Around 10,000 of them headed westwards circling around to Alaska and down to Japan, then back to their original drop-site in three years, before setting off to Alaska again on the North Pacific Gyre current to the Arctic.
The entrance to the Gulf of California (from 18[degrees]N to 24[degrees]N and 104[degrees]W to 112[degrees]W) is located in the convergence zone of the North Pacific Gyre, where the California Current separates from the coast to feed the North Equatorial Current.
It is likely the Pequod went down in, or on the fringes of, the North Pacific Gyre, a vast stretch of ocean created by the California Current running south, the North Equatorial Current running west and then north, and the Kuroshio Current running north and then east.
Marine debris is a global problem and Alaska is especially hard hit by debris from the Pacific Rim that is moved by the North Pacific Gyre onto our beaches and wetlands.
The NPO is the atmospheric driver of the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation (NPGO), a mode of sea surface height (SSH) and SST variability that is connected with fluctuations of physical quantities (e.
The investigation revealed that Arctic sea ice contains concentrations of the pollutant several orders of magnitude greater than what has previously been found in highly contaminated areas such as the North Pacific gyre.
Some of the junk entered the North Pacific Gyre, the clockwise series of currents that moves water north, east and eventually south along the coasts of Alaska, Canada and the Northwest.
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