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NWABNational Women's Association of Bhutan
NWABNorth West Arts Board (UK)
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The team was made up of bid leader Sir Bob Scott,Mike Storey city council leader, town hall chief executive David Henshaw,education co-ordinator Carol Rogers, creative director Sue Woodward and chief executive of the North West Arts Board,Michael Eakin.
The team includes Sir Bob, council leader Mike Storey, creative director Sue Woodward, council chief executive David Henshaw, education coordinator Carol Rogers, and chief executive of North West Arts Board, Michael Eakin.
The proposal to create a diary cow museum and study centre on a farm in Cheshire is funded by the Arts Council of England, supported by the NFU, the North West Arts Board and the European Culture 2000 programme.
The pounds 3.8 million grant, which was made by the Arts Council of England's Stabilisation Programme, will be supplemented by additional funding from the North West Arts Board, the city of Manchester and the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities.
Funded by the North West Arts Board, it is being promoted as "still space" - a conversation piece to reflect Preston and its people.
We get funding from the North West Arts Board because it's acknowleged disabled art has a cultural perspective in the same way as black or Asian art has.
The project has received a grant of pounds 10,000 from Liverpool City Council and further funding from the North West Arts Board and Liverpool architect Paul Falconer.
Professor Brian Cox, Chairman of North West Arts Board, Council member.
The details came after the Gladstone Theatre Trust carried out a market poll in the area in collaboration with the North West Arts Board.
The North West Arts Board are currently researching the numbers of people likely to come forward.
Michael Eakin, North West Arts Board chief executive Perhaps one of Liverpool's greatest achievements already is to have received the wholehearted support of Manchester.
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