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An erect cactus bearing a pseudocephalium with north-northwestern azimuth would reduce its light interception by 5.
The average observed cactus morphology (tilted, with a north-northwestern pseudocephalium) intercepts 1.
It also can be seen that tilting improves light interception from September to March in cacti with north-northwestern azimuths in relation to the interception pattern of cacti showing the same orientation of the pseudocephalium but no shoot bending.
The latter also reveals a companion to the faint star on the north-northwestern rim.
A faint star sits at the north-northwestern edge of its weakly brighter core.
Even at mid-eclipse, only 7 percent of the Moon's diameter will be grazing through the north-northwestern edge of the Earth's umbra, the shadow's dark central portion.
Even through thin haze, I could clearly see the darkening on the Moon's north-northwestern limb.
Judging by the times at the line's beginning and end, Cosmos 1867 should be visible about 50 [degrees] above Cambridge's north-northwestern horizon around 23:51 Universal Time (6:51 p.