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NDNNaples Daily News (Daily news paper in Naples Florida)
NDNNamed Data Networking (Internet architecture project)
NDNNews Distribution Network (video wire service)
NDNNon Delivery Notice
NDNNon Delivery Notification
NDNNorthern Distribution Network (US DoD; Central Asia)
NDNNext Door Neighbor
NDNNew Democratic Network
NDNNational Data Network
NDNNevada Donor Network
NDNNew Calendar Day Notation (Integrated Chronological Applications System)
NDNNo Defect Noted
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ARC Logistics has provided European distribution support, OEF/OIF linehaul, Northern Distribution Network services, and sea-air-land multimodal services in various theaters.
He directed that a large portion of the materials be delivered via the Northern Distribution Network, a series of routes through multiple nations in Northern and Eastern Europe, as well as the Caucasus and Central Asia.
"The main route for material support of the contingent in Afghanistan passes through Pakistan, but due to military and political instability and existing disagreements in bilateral relations, the American side is working on an alternative route: from the territory of Azerbaijan via the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan (Aktau and Kuryk ports) and then by rail to Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, which is a modified version of the Northern Distribution Network," the message said.
Northern Distribution Network moving through Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan had a cost of 250% more than the Pakistani routes.
The Army initiated the use of Secure Electronic Enrollment Kits (SEEK) on the Northern Distribution Network, a contractor-managed Kurdish regional route that provides a ground LOC from Erbil in Iraq to our major logistics node in northern Syria.
Kokars said that participation in the Northern Distribution Network has ensured a valuable experience in serving cargos.
Kazakhstan allowed the crucial Northern Distribution Network (NDN) to transit its territory in support of the NATO-led coalition's activities in Afghanistan.
Uzbekistan is a key partner supporting international efforts in Afghanistan, primarily through provision of electricity, development of rail infrastructure connecting Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, and support to the Northern Distribution Network logistics system serving North Atlantic Treaty Organization troops in Afghanistan.
McNabb recounted his own stories of Harnitchek, who he said "was not afraid of anything" and took challenges such as up-armoring Humvees in Iraq, creating the Northern Distribution Network and cutting costs at DLA head-on without flinching.
The region, especially Georgia and Azerbaijan, has played a major role in NATO's Northern Distribution Network for resupplying troops in Afghanistan.
For example, the viability of the Northern Distribution Network (NDN) infrastructure--sea and aerial port facilities and road and rail networks--will remain vital after the conclusion of Enduring Freedom.
US military equipment leaving overland from Afghanistan through Pakistan or via the Northern Distribution Network was part of the overall process of removing equipment, Harf added.
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