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NIUPNorthern Ireland Unionist Party
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The Strangford MLA said then that he would steer his own ship and since that day he has lead the Northern Ireland Unionist Party.
Northern Ireland Unionist Party Assemblyman Mr Norman Boyd appealed for members of the public to help with the police investigation in whatever way they could.
Northern Ireland Unionist Party MLA Cedric Wilson said yesterday: "The impact of this could just swallow up the entire village.
Northern Ireland Unionist Party leader Cedric Wilson said: "The time has come for the Prime Minister and Peter Mandelson to come out without any ambiguity and state the union flag will fly.
Northern Ireland Unionist Party MLA Norman Boyd said the move would be spun by the DUP party machine to suggest that it was creaming off support from rivals.
Mandelson also met Cedric Wilson, leader of the Northern Ireland Unionist Party, who claimed Mr Mandelson had disclosed his intention to reinstate the suspended power-sharing executive without any prior IRA decommissioning.
The Northern Ireland Unionist Party met the General de Chastelain at the decommissioning body's headquarters in Belfast yesterday.
Cedric Wilson, spokes- man for the Northern Ireland Unionist Party said: "That slip-up from Mr Mandelson isn't so surprising.
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