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NWPNational Writing Project
NWPNumerical Weather Prediction
NWPNorth Wales Police (UK)
NWPNationwide Permit
NWPNorthwestern Pacific (regional railroad; California)
NWPNairobi Work Programme (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change)
NWPNetherlands Water Partnership
NWPNaval Warfare Publication (US DoD)
NWPNorthwest Passage
NWPNational Women's Party
NWPNew Wafd Party (Egypt)
NWPNeighborhood Watch Program
NWPNational Water Policy (India)
NWPNormalized Water Permeability (cleaning method)
NWPNew World Power
NWPNacimiento Water Project (California)
NWPNet Written Premiums (insurance)
NWPNational Wind Power (UK)
NWPNational Warning Point (International Atomic Energy Agency)
NWPNeil Wilson Publishing (Scotland)
NWPNot Working Properly (vehicle repair)
NWPNational Waterways Project (New Zealand)
NWPNorthwestern Pacific Railroad Company
NWPNational Workforce Project (various locations)
NWPNorthwest Permanente (Kaiser Permanente HMO region)
NWPNational Workforce Programme (UK)
NWPNationalen Waldprogramm (Germany)
NWPNonweapon Proficiency (gaming)
NWPNepal Water Partnership
NWPNuclear Waste Program (Washington State Department of Ecology)
NWPNorth West Partnership (UK)
NWPNuclear Weapons Plant
NWPNaval Weapons Publication
NWPNational Wood Preserver
NWPNational Water & Power Inc.
NWPNorthern Wheatbelt Program
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He discovered both the catastrophe that had engulfed the failed Franklin expedition and the final link in the first navigable Northwest Passage.
With the Northwest Passage now open in the summer due to climate change, the cruise industry's expanding itineraries will bring increasingly damaging pollution to even more sensitive areas like the Arctic," Marcie Keever, oceans and vessels program director for Friends of the Earth, said in (http://www.
Asked if China considered the Northwest Passage an international waterway or Canadian waters, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China had noted that Canada considered it to cross its waters, although some countries believed it was open to international navigation.
Having abandoned his own vessel under protest, McClure later argued that sledging across the pack ice to HMS Resolute, and then continuing home in another ship, constituted completion of the Northwest Passage.
Global warming has made the Northwest Passage more accessible to shipping, which could be an economic windfall for Canada if the government is able to demonstrate sovereignty and charge other countries a transit fee.
Their journey took them along the Northwest Passage - a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the Arctic Ocean, along the northern coast of North America and Canadian Arctic archipelago.
Boundless: Tracing Land and Dream in a New Northwest Passage.
This fascinating book tells the stories of famous expeditions to find a Northwest Passage, to map the frozen wasteland and to be the first to reach the North Pole.
Sir John Franklin, a British Royal Navy officer and Arctic explorer, led 129 men and the two ships that departed England in 1845 to search for the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean but disappeared a year later in 1846.
TORONTO -- One of two British explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic nearly 170 years ago during a search for the fabled Northwest Passage has been found, Canada's prime minister announced Tuesday in a discovery that could unlock one of history's biggest mysteries and swell Canadian pride.
These sites will connect via spurs to an international subsea fiber optic network that is currently in pre-construction phase and is more than fifteen thousand kilometers long, connecting Tokyo and London and other European and Asian communities via the Northwest Passage.
Over the centuries, explorers have attempted to discover the Northwest Passage, either via the sea through the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, or over land.
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