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NANTNew Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy
NANTNational Association of Nephrology Technicians (est. 1983; Dayton, OH)
NANTNot Ant (.NET tool)
NANTNational Academy for Nuclear Training (Nuclear Energy Institute)
NANTNational Association of Nephrology Technologists and Technicians
NANTNon-Adherent Non-T Cell
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"He will want to prove a point and will not ant to go out on a bad point, a low point, of his career with a defeat.
As entertaining as they are, it's not Ant and Dec who'll be getting the teenaged girls hot under the collar.
I'm looking for some great talent and if not Ant and Dec's heads will be on the line.
"There was an obvious temptation to consider Heath for Wednesday's totesport League game at Northampton but we do not ant to rush him and risk aggravating the injury again," said Warwickshire captain Nick Knight.
And more often than not Ant would end up with the good looking one!"
7 26; 8 Not Ant but 2.4 Children actress Clare Buckfield; 9 David Brent; 10 Harbour Lights McCoy; 2 Ronnie Barker; 3 Nelson Mandela; 4 Mark McManus; 5 As Time Goes By; 6 A Fine Romance; 1 William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester
It is believed ITV bosses are locked in crisis talks today to decide whether or not Ant should be allowed to take part in next weekend's Saturday Night Takeaway - a primetime family-friendly entertainment show that he co-presents with Declan Donnelly.
It's not Ant and Dec they're out to beat but Bruce Forsyth, above, and Strictly Come Dancing.
AMet Officespokesperson said the ants showed up on their image as showers of rain because "the radar thinks the beams are hitting raindrops not ants".
It turns out they were not ants, but parasitic wasps attacking the larvae of stored product beetles and moths.
Are not ants the paradigmatic case of the well-oiled biological machine?