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NATMNot At The Moment
NATMNew Amalgamated Tunneling and Construction Magazine (civil engineering journal)
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I have no idea whether I will be in charge at the weekend or not at the moment.
Skilful, technically adept, teak tough and natural winners - almost everything the England football team is not at the moment.
I'd love to go into management, but not at the moment because I think I have still got a bit to give in the League.
While their work is preliminary and does not at the moment present a way to turn off cancer cells, it does offer insight into the basic biology of cell reproduction.
The Government set up investigations and Professor Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer, said: "We do not at the moment see anything that suggests there is anything inherently harmful.
Maybe it could happen in the future but not at the moment.
Judge Jamie Tabor feared Lithuanian Valdas Ivoskevicius was lying about his identity and said: "I want to be satisfied I'm dealing with who he says he is - and I'm not at the moment.
Speaking out to silence suggestions he was after the job when Jones was in charge, Ince said: "Going into management appeals to me, but not at the moment.