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NEDNational Elevation Dataset (USGS)
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NEDNetwork Equipment Databasing
NEDNikkei Electronics Digital (magazine; Japan)
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At that meeting, the panelists also voted 16-9 that there were not enough data to suggest that naproxen presented a substantially lower risk of CV events than did either ibuprofen or selective NSAIDs, such as cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors.
That's almost certainly not enough data to yield actionable insurance insights.
water supplies, or that there is not enough data to find otherwise.
It was conducted to coincide with World Health Day, after concerns were expressed that not enough data was available in the country.
For M2M, a company has come out with a new way of communicating between cell towers, because they think the current technology contains packets with too much protocol and not enough data, and they want more data and less protocol in each packet.
The National Pork Producers Council argues there's not enough data to even do a study.
Because there are not enough data for learning for these temperature bins, the learning algorithm just assumes equal probabilities for all 60 bins of hot water energy consumptions.
The Task Force noted, however, that there is not enough data for it to advise against taking most supplements either.
Opposition figures questioned the claim, as did bus companies such as Arriva who openly criticised the council's decision and said they felt there was not enough data to support the suspension.
Hasip Kaplan, the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party's (BDP) deputy on the commission, said there was not enough data on the budget and asked for information about military and security spending.
In reality, there is not enough data to suggest a real draw bias as yet and the stat that all of the winners were no older than five is far more important.
If that is not enough data, 43 percent of consumers who have been victimized by fraud avoid certain merchants where they believe their data could be compromised again.