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NETNot/No Earlier Than
NETNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Employee Team
NETNetwork Equipment Technologies
NETNew English Translation (Bible)
NETNew England Telephone
NETNational Environmental Trust
NETNon-Emergency Transportation
NETNational Eligibility Test (India)
NETNew Energy Technology (various organizations)
NETNeuro Emotional Technique
NETNot Entirely True
NETNational Emission Trends
NETNew Equipment Training (US DoD)
NETNon-Equilibrium Thermodynamics
NETNeuroendocrine Tumour
NETNottingham Express Transit (UK)
NETNebraska Environmental Trust
NETNetwork Entity Title (FDDI)
NETNihon Educational Television (now TV Asahi; Japan)
NETNational Educational Television
NETNo Electronic Theft
NETNode Error Table
NETNetwork Entity Title
NETNew Employee Training
NETNursing Entrance Test
NETNeighborhood Enhancement Team (Miami, Florida)
NETNarcotics Enforcement Team (law enforcement)
NETNational Employer Team (AARP)
NETNeighborhood Emergency Team
NETNational Eating Trends (NPD)
NETNet registered tons
NETNational Education Trust (UK)
NETNational Evangelization Team
NETNoise Equivalent Temperature
NETNo Electronic Theft Act of 1997
NETNezavisna Televizija (Croatian: independent television )
NETNatural Environment Teaching (applied behavioral analysis)
NETNational Entrance Test (India)
NETNorfolk Electric Transit
NETNeutrophil Extracellular Trap (cell biology)
NETNitte Education Trust
NETNewspaper Education Trust
NETNuclear Emergency Team
NETNetwork Enabled Transport
NETNew England Transrail
NETNaturalistic Education Theory
NETNationwide Electrical Testing (Duluth, GA)
NETNear Equatorial Trough (meteorology)
NETNeuronally Expressed EPH-Related Tyrosine Kinase
NETNational Environmental Testing, Inc.
NETNetwork Protocols Interface
NETNAVWAR Evaluation Team
NETNetwork Effective Throughput
NETNew Media, Exceptional People, and Technology (International Churches of Christ)
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That's great news," he said, "It's been difficult for them coming in and inheriting the pitch in the condition it's in and there's very little they can do between now and the summer apart from a little bit of surgery," Reiterating that his team will need to adapt their style to the pitch, Pressley added: "I hear people say it's the same for both sides but that's not entirely true.
If you thought I was spending the first few days of 2014 nodding away to some singer-songwriters with clever and inanimate stage names, that's not entirely true.
But this is not entirely true because we know a lot of elderly people who live healthy and active lives.
At first glance, it might be easy to say this issue of JPM[R] is disaster themed, but that's not entirely true.
We saw a dozen indicators why that was not entirely true, and when one major insurance company we were working with was following the path of the other insurers, violating their investment guidelines and placing too much emphasis on the South, we urged them to pull back.
This provides evidence that that's not entirely true.
Yet, as the Bevan Foundation chief executive recognised in a follow-up piece on her blog on Tuesday, that's not entirely true.
That's not entirely true, as Politi does sell his handcrafted biscotti at Wynant's Family Health Foods and Benedetti's Meat Market and Deli in Springfield, and at The Kiva and New Frontier Market in Eugene.
Not entirely true if the words of Stephen Davey are anything to go by.
The same, however, is not entirely true of air-powered cars.
They say dogs age seven years for every human year, but that's not entirely true.
There's a misconception that gays who grow up in the country are only marking time until they escape to the big city, but that's not entirely true.