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NFQNational Framework of Qualifications (Ireland)
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NFQNational Firefighter Questionnaire
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NFQNight Flying Qualification (aviation certification)
NFQNeural Fitted Q Iteration
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The two following generations are 15 percent smaller, and 61 percent of those entering the work force are not fully qualified.
This sometimes jeopardises their lives, since emergency doctors are not fully qualified to look after them.
US military advisory teams placed with Iraqi security forces were formed on an ad-hoc basis and were not fully qualified for their mission in 2004 and 2005, the report found.
Tiyo Soga was the first ordained Xhosa minister and had had some medical training in Scotland, although he was not fully qualified as a doctor.
PASSENGERS in Ireland would refuse point blank to travel in a plane if the pilot was not fully qualified.
The problem with people in his position - apprentices who have been made redundant and not completed their training - is that companies can be a bit wary because they don't know any thing about them and they are not fully qualified.
Plaid Cymru's shadow health minister Rhodri Glyn Thomas said he was concerned that doctors who are not fully qualified as GPs are working at the service, run by Healthcare Services 24.
Our Board of Directors and MTNA members currently engaged in the music teaching business in this country simply are not fully qualified or trained to handle these kinds of legal matters.
The 56-year-old former quality assurance engineer is now claiming sex discrimination on the grounds a female colleague was promoted above him when she was not fully qualified.
Former Southampton boss Glenn Hoddle is being lined up for a return to the Saints because head coach Steve Wigley is not fully qualified to do the job according to Premiership rules.
One in 10 said they were worried about lack of confidentiality at the chemist's and 14 per cent said they failed to ask advice from a pharmacist in the belief that they were not fully qualified to deal with their problems.
But the NUT believes the national agreement aimed at reducing burdens on the profession opens the door to children being taught ona daily basis by people who are not fully qualified teachers.