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But in practice, because there's no money, it's not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen in my lifetime, for example," said Zuckerman.
Not gonna happen. What's fair is fair in copyright-protected content.
Asked if the House might relent before midnight and pass a clean budget measure with no provisions, a Republican House aide told AFP: "not gonna happen."
Mathews: Growing up, you know, wanting to do this and being what I am, which is like this cartoon version of like a gay person with a big voice and a high pitch, there were a lot of people who told me, 'It's probably not gonna happen for you.
Attention all you Western men who want a long term relationship with a Saudi women- not gonna happen.
Rogers said, "You can't just hope for a good outcome in Syria - it's not gonna happen [sic]."
"How these people think that everyone's gonna be merry, merry kuffar (non-believers) are gonna come and eat and drink here, it's not gonna happen.
I remember in the beginning Ross was basically like, Don't he a painter, give it up, it's not gonna happen, so forget about it, get into something else.
It used to be, "It's not gonna happen - so don't worry about it." Now it's, "You know, a moderate dose of inflation would be no bad thing.
Unfortunately the rest of the world thinks it's rubbish, and it's not gonna happen."
Yeah, you may be dreaming of hanging out with this hottie, but that's not gonna happen if he doesn't know you even exist on this planet.
Methinks what's not gonna happen next is wrinkly visage, brittle bones and sagging morale.