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References in classic literature ?
If any fund could have been selected and appropriated, equal to and not greater than the object, it would have been inadequate to the discharge of the existing debts of the particular States, and would have left them dependent on the Union for a provision for this purpose.
To it the space between the heavenly bodies is not greater than the distance between the homes of our friends in town is for us, even if they live a short way from each other; such an electric shock in the heart, however, costs us the use of the body here below; unless, like the watchman of East Street, we happen to have on the Shoes of Fortune.
The current of the river is a slight one, the drop being not greater than eight inches in a mile.
I thus found that the student who wishes for a shelter can obtain one for a lifetime at an expense not greater than the rent which he now pays annually.
the harm inflicted must be proportional to and not greater than the harm sought to be avoided.
259 that section 5544 established overtime pay at not greater than one and one-half times the employee's basic hourly rate of pay.
To get a score of 4, we must include a number greater than 1 but not greater than 4.
She puzzles over how remarkable this is when one considers their destiny in a Canada with only three "urban centers": Quebec and Montreal and Trois Rivieres, the first two not greater than 8,000 inhabitants at the time of the British Conquest and the third "merely a rural bourg, irremediably tied to the activities of the surrounding countryside.
5 percent (minimum level of oxygen) but not greater than 23.
The gist of his attempt is to find general connections between the '60s left and present right such as the similarity of rightwing fear and loathing of Clinton to the leftwing feelings about Johnson, or the way "the self-righteousness of feminists is surely not greater than the self-righteousness of antifeminists.
If shareholders receive both stock and other property (the so-called boot) in such mergers, the realized gains are taxable--but in an amount not greater than the amount of boot received.