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References in classic literature ?
If any fund could have been selected and appropriated, equal to and not greater than the object, it would have been inadequate to the discharge of the existing debts of the particular States, and would have left them dependent on the Union for a provision for this purpose.
To it the space between the heavenly bodies is not greater than the distance between the homes of our friends in town is for us, even if they live a short way from each other; such an electric shock in the heart, however, costs us the use of the body here below; unless, like the watchman of East Street, we happen to have on the Shoes of Fortune.
The current of the river is a slight one, the drop being not greater than eight inches in a mile.
I thus found that the student who wishes for a shelter can obtain one for a lifetime at an expense not greater than the rent which he now pays annually.
Is there a constant c such that, for any state q [member of] Q, there exists a word w of length not greater than cn such that q [not member of] Qw ?
The light reflective particles are particles of a synthetic substrate made from glasses, are partially coated with at least one layer of at least one metal or metal oxide and are not greater than 250 m in size.
The corrosion protection agent has a pH in the range of from 1 to 3 and containing water and components: fluoro complex ions of titanium and/or zirconium, at least one corrosion protection pigment, at least one organic polymer or copolymer which is water-soluble or water-dispersible in the specified pH range and which as such in aqueous solution in a concentration of SO% weight and has a pH in a range from 1 to 3, an at least one polyvinyl amine comprised of amino groups that are acylated, the polyvinyl amine has a molecular weight of greater than 100,000 g/mol but not greater than 1,000,000 g/mol and a degree of acylation of not less than 80%.
Asked if he really was the greatest, Bolt replied: "I am not as great as Mohammed Ali and I'm not greater than Bob Marley.
With so much attention on the top few trainers it is good to remember that the effort and commitment of the smaller stables is equal to, if not greater than, than that of the larger outfits.
Heavy shielding as protection for an astronaut against space radiations may not be necessary, at least for trips of less than 50 hours and at distances not greater than 618 miles from earth....
Mr Durban's pride of Welshness is not greater than mine.
IPC-A-610D states this type of joint is acceptable for Class 1 and 2 assemblies when the maximum side overhang is not greater than 50% lead width or 0.5 mm, whichever is less, and acceptable for Class 3 assemblies when the maximum overhang is not greater than 25% lead width or 0.5 mm, whichever is less.