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NHENational Health Expenditure (US DHHS)
NHESodium Hydrogen Exchanger
NHENormal Hydrogen Electrode
NHENational Housing Endowment
NHENo Happy Ending
NHENevzorov Haute Ecole (French; Russian horse training method)
NHENot Hot Enough
NHENasser Al-Hussainan Establishment (satellite equipment; various locations)
NHENew Hope Elementary (school; various locations)
NHENon Human Entity (extraterrestrial and supernatural beings)
NHENatural Heritage Evaluation (Canada)
NHENorth Hialeah Elementary (Florida)
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References in classic literature ?
And never yet could ye cast your spirit into a pit of snow: ye are not hot enough for that!
“Is it not hot enough for your Guinea blood in the house this warm night, but you must drive out the poor dog, and sleep in his straw?”
For four days in September, apart from a storm which knocked out the power one evening, the weather was 25oC and sunny - just enough to get a few white patches, but not hot enough to be uncomfortable.
Quinlan said that if you wash the chicken, you're more likely to spray bacteria all over the kitchen and yourself and rinse water is not hot enough to kill bacteria anyway.
Indeed, he often runs barefoot, usually on grass but even on roads if they are clear of debris and not hot enough to burn his feet.
When I gave him my thermostat to prove that it was not hot enough to cook food he said that he could not trust my thermostat.
Hot water, comfortable for washing hands, is not hot enough to kill bacteria.
And if this not hot enough for you Laksa can be served "with a side dish of chile paste called sambal oelek and a slice of fragrant musk lime, or limau kesturi.
"it took me more than a year to develop the formula and involved much help of dozens of unsuspecting customers telling me, 'too hot,' 'not hot enough; 'needs this' and 'needs that;" says Pallis, owner of Seattle-based Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning.
For these reasons, meteorites are simply not hot enough to cause combustion when they land.
An old problem re-surfaced; it was not hot enough. It was tasty, however, if perhaps slightly pricey (260g for 15 leva).
Feed throats running at 70 to 125 F are not hot enough to melt most plastics.