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Security Council, saying it has not implemented the resolutions on Kashmir.
I will sit on an indefinite fast in New Delhi from March 23 if the Lok Pal Act is not implemented.
A division bench of the apex court comprising Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed and Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan heard the case and remarked that if court orders were not implemented then contempt of court proceedings would be initiated against the responsible officers.
Ali said in his appeal that the president and the ministers have no legal or constitutional reason to not implemented the decision, adding that not implementing the verdict will have dangerous implications
They said that still in the country daily wages workers laws were not implemented in the industries while international labor laws were violated.
The PA has not implemented any of the water saving methods Israel uses or adopted any water projects to improve their situation, but that doesn't keep them from claiming falsely that Israel is using their water.
The chief justice asked that the court announced verdict on May 4 but it was not implemented.
The Constitution and laws provide everyone with a right to healthcare, but in reality, these laws are not implemented perfectly," she said.
We know that the Ohrid Agreement is not implemented
The statement added that "these Arab and foreign companies sign contracts for projects which are not implemented, most of them are used to transfer money abroad for money laundering".
Baghdad / NINA / Head of Iraqiya slate Iyad Allawi threatened to adopt a firm position in case that Erbil agreement is not implemented .
This was ordered by the higher authorities last Shaban, but still not implemented," he said.