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References in classic literature ?
I start twelve immensely strong wires -- naked, not insulated -- from a big dynamo in the cave -- dynamo with no brushes except a positive and a negative one --"
The housing sector is a major consumer of electricity and 70 percent of buildings in the Kingdom are not insulated.
DAVID Cameron's warning that Islamist terrorists in Iraq could attack Britain is a reminder that we are not insulated from the carnage thousands of miles away.
Power outages are still an issue when there are floods, because the electrical transformers and cables are not insulated the way they should be.
When we talk about insulation people usually think about buildings and fridges but a lot of heat is lost in industrial processes because piping and other equipment are not insulated at all, or are insulated insufficiently," said Kornelis Blok, a science director for Ecofys.
Susan Dolan AIF the pipes are not insulated then the heat will come through the floor but running them above would be better.
The temperature in the bow went down to 36 degrees Fahrenheit last winter because I had not insulated any of the bulkheads or put on doors, which are in Place now.
Simple, so-called single-pole switches might have only three wires--two insulated wires that carry current and a ground wire, which is sometimes not insulated.
According to the study 10% or more of all equipment in industrial plants is not insulated or is covered with damaged insulation.
For unlike the super wealthy, the diamond trade and its middle income bread-and-butter clients are not insulated from the world.
Looking back since their inception, it is hard to remember such a sustained difficult period for the world economy and we in North Wales are certainly not insulated from this turmoil and uncertainty.
In a statement, the central bank said, 'As Friday's market behaviour demonstrated, India is not insulated from such developments.