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NJNew Jersey (US postal abbreviation)
NJNice Job
NJNational Jewish (Medical & Research Center)
NJNo Joke
NJNick Jonas (of Jonas Brothers)
NJNew Jack (pro wrestler)
NJNorma Jean
NJNorsk Journalistlag (Norway)
NJNot Joking
NJNasojejunal (feeding tube)
NJNidec Corporation (Japan)
NJNorges Juristforbund (Norway)
NJNot Judgeable (skydiving competitions)
NJOccupation Postage Due (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NJNapierville Junction Railway Company
References in classic literature ?
no fear, I am not threatening; no romancing, for I am not joking.
I answered that I was very sure I liked it passably well; I was not joking.
begin teaching her the integral calculus; upon my soul, I'm not joking, I'm in earnest, it'll be just the same to her.
Oh, yes, I am not joking," he continued, seeing my look of incredulity.
If Gethin Bermingham is not joking, I suggest he rethinks his arguments (Letters, PE 11 June).
I'd have been growling at them all the way over on the flight - and i'm not joking.
I am not joking," he recalls, because that was the day Stephenson knew he wanted to design cars.
She was not joking when she said this and kept the job, which she will soon leave to accompany her husband to Toronto, where he will assume his new job as primate of the Anglican Church of Canada sometime in August.
He was joking but also not joking, Cannon observes.