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NLNational League (baseball)
NLNot Listed
NLNo Limit
NLNatural Language
NLNew Line
NLNormal (medical)
NLNorthern Light (search engine)
NLNorthern Lights
NLNewfoundland and Labrador
NLNamelijk (Dutch: namely)
NLNight Light
NLNuevo Leon (Mexican state)
NLNetwork Links (OSPF)
NLNightlife (The Sims Expansion Pack)
NLNational Laboratory
NLNorthern League (independent minor league)
NLProvince of Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)
NLNo-Load (mutual funds)
NLNew Latin
NLNo Level (software open licensing)
NLNorth Latitude
NLNumber of Lines
NLNick Lachey (singer)
NLNetwork Layer
NLNobel Laureate
NLNumber Line
NLNo License
NLNetwork Library
NLNon-Ladder (Diablo II gaming)
NLNesting Level
NLNaujieji Lietuviai (Lithuanian: New Lithuanians)
NLNuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas (Mexico)
NLNational Lead (Industries)
NLNon Licet (Latin: It Is Not Allowed, epigraphy)
NLNeuvostoliitto (Finnish: Soviet Union)
NLNormal Load
NLNorthern Luzon
NLNeville Longbottom (Harry Potter series)
NLNavy Lighterage (US DoD)
NLNaval Lighter (US Navy)
NLNecrotizing Lymphadenitis (Porcine Circovirus 2)
NLNational Libertarian
NLNumerical Laboratory
NLNondeterministic Logarithmic (complexity theory)
NLNuevo León (Estado de) (México)
NLNetherbian Lair (Everquest)
NLNorthern Lion Gold Corporation (Vancouver, BC, Canada; stock symbol)
NLNightlight Studios (game developers)
NLNIMA Library
NLNorvegijos Lietuviai (Lithuanian: Norway Libraries)
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Wenatchee; cost not listed for sign for GLP Personal Injury Attorneys.
Joel Tovera, chief of the NBI anti-illegal drug unit, said under the Dangerous Drugs Act, the synthetic substances are not listed as prohibited drugs so anyone caught with them cannot be prosecuted.
Oxon Cove is not listed in most national park guides because it is part of a larger national park unit known as National Capital ParksEast, which includes 19 different natural and historic sites in the metropolitan DC area.
Both these parts are required for the MK 19 to function, but because they're not listed as COEI, units aren't keeping track of them.
Most (59%) of the products tested contained DNA barcodes from plant species not listed on the labels.
Landlords' insurance policies and potentially their buildings cover could be invalidated if multiple occupants are living in a property but are not listed on the tenancy agreement.
Overall, nearly 60 percent of the herbal products contained plant species not listed on the label.
The meeting tackled drugs which are not listed in the illegal drugs table of the federal anti-narcotics law to find out what these drugs are, whether they are poisonous and the symptoms if any on drug takers.
And if a category is not listed, Musical America welcomes e-mailed requests for new categories to include at info@musicalamerica.
Lee Natural Spring Water Not Listed Aberfoyle Springs Natural Spring Water Not Listed Amelia Springs Water Not Listed American Fare Natural Spring Water Not Listed Anquet World Class Natural Spring Water Not Listed Aquafina Purified Drinking Water Not Listed Aqua [O.
286) says that the alpha decay of bismuth-209 was not listed in any reference table.
Olga Pavlova as Kitri and Zhanat Atynataev as Basilio led the dancers who did appear--interestingly, she was not listed among the company's personnel, while he was placed among the corps de ballet.