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NNNight, Night
NNNearest Neighbor (algorithm)
NNNeural Network
NNNaked News (show)
NNNot Necessary
NNNizhny Novgorod (Russian football)
NNNot Now
NNNorthampton (postcode, United Kingdom)
NNNo Name
NNNetscape Navigator
NNNationale Nederlanden
NNNo Nonsense
NNNewport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company (US Navy)
NNNetwork Node
NNNormalnull (German: Sea Level)
NNNacht und Nebel (German: Night and Fog; WWII prisoners held incommunicado)
NNNomen Nescio (Latin: I Don't Know the Name)
NNNetwork Neighborhood (Microsoft Windows 9x)
NNNot Negotiable
NNNigerian Navy
NNNouvelles Normes (classification hôtelière; France)
NNNot Notable (Wikimedia Foundation editing policy)
NNNewport News, VA, USA
NNNot Nominated
NNNormal to Normal
NNNordic Needle, Inc. (needlework website)
NNNomen Nominandum (Latin: Name Hitherto Unknown)
NNNon-Participating National (FCC)
NNNice Nil (spades gaming)
NNNarcolepsy Network, Inc.
NNNegative Notification
NNNo Noobs (gaming)
NNNice Nade (gaming)
NNNevernet (IRC network)
NNNavajo Neurohepatopathy
NNNon Nominatus/Nominata (Latin: Not Named, epigraphy)
NNNebulous Nonsense
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Tolerance, dialogue, and compromise - the essentials of democracy - were not notable features of Mr Bhutto's overwhelming personality.
It is not notable for its literary merit but for its popularity.
rms] is observed in smaller amplitude and the reduction of the shear layer excursions in the vertical direction is not notable.
The patient's medical history was not notable except for a cholecystectomy three years earlier.
Without the context of works deemed not notable, the equilibrium is lost and the book becomes just another collection of flattering hyperbole-a characteristic towards which the art world is just a little too well disposed.
Yes, the percentage of increase is not notable, but it's there.
Rashid's innings of 25 was not notable for its application.
Bureaucracies, here as elsewhere, are not notable for their tolerance of mistakes.
Other production credits are solid if not notable, with composer Todor Kobakov supplying the kind of spare, smart, piano-based score that works so well because there's so little of it; Hollywood composers take note.
Fat oxidation was not notable under low initial oxygen concentration levels and was effectively delayed by vacuum-packaging the product.
The boy we meet in the opening chapters is not notable for his daring.