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NONot Out
NONew Order (band)
NONot Open
NONumber Of
NONational Office
NONice One
NONot Official
NONot Optional
NONew Orleans
NONormally Open
NONetwork Operator
NONavy Officer
NONight Operation
NONo Offense
NONovara (Piemonte, Italy)
NONitric Oxide
NONormal Output (fluorescent lighting)
NONord-Ouest (French: north west)
NONihil Obstat (Latin: no objections)
NONord-Ovest (Italian: Northwest)
NONuovo Ordinamento (Italian: new Curriculum Requirements)
NONetwork Origin
NONo Oscillation (Skimaire)
NONominal Model
NOOccupation Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NONatural Orbital
NONecrotic Obsession (online community)
NONever Oscillate
NONouveau Orleans (French: New Orleans)
NONordost/Nordosten (German; North East)
References in classic literature ?
They were documents, in short, not official, but of a private nature, or, at least, written in his private capacity, and apparently with his own hand.
Church officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the news was not official, also said Francis was going to appoint another U.
sa) and the page of the official spokesman on Twitter @turki_alshleil are not official and do not represent the general presidency.
It's not official unless it's on Facebook, so Sherine made sure to say sorry on social media.
Tickets given out on private land are not official fines, they are just an invoice for parking on the land.
He explained that the "coalition of the Iraqi forces will announce today that what has leaked from the names, was to trade with Abadi and not official names and did not give names formally, unless it knows the ministries will be given to the coalition.
However, there was no auditing of the projects by the Commission on Audit, precisely because these were not official projects in the national budget.
Dr Shawqi Ibrahim Abdelkarim Mousa Allam says citizenship is not official documents only, but a feeling that takes a soul as a sanctuary.
The bags are not official and should be disposed of immediately.
However, he can pick the ball whenever he wants and the score is not official for his main job is to give company to the pro and ensure the pace of play is maintained.
The official source called on the media to investigate the accuracy and reliability of any information they hear or reach them in ways that are not official and not rush to spread the inaccurate news from incorrect sources.
Israel still has not official recognize the Armenian Genocide despite numerous discussions on the issue at the Knesset.