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NOUNoumea, New Caledonia - Tontouta (Airport Code)
NOUNorges Offentlige Utredninger (Norwegian: Norwegian Official Report)
NOUNo, You
NOUNo Underwear (Como & Brigante fragrance)
NOUNational Ozone Unit (various governments)
NOUNot Often Used
NOUNortheastern Ohio Universities (College of Medicine)
NOUNational of Ulysses (band)
References in classic literature ?
He murmured in his heart an expression which though frequently applicable to members of the female sex is not often used of them in polite society; but with an unmoved face he ordered his tea.
The editors fail to show why these case studies were used to indicate a broader shift in global mentality towards globalisation and the Washington Consensus, in fact other than the priority of deviating from the Washington Consensus in the introductory chapter it is not often used as a point of departure throughout the following chapters.
DECADENT AND DIET ARE NOT OFTEN USED in the same description, but consumer feedback for Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods new brownie bites have induced just that response, say brand officials.
However, they are not often used for gigs; yet this was the setting that played host to local band, Arbeia, featuring Jon Burton on vocals, Kyle Stubbs on guitar, Darrin Newbrook on bass and Ryan Gibson on the drums.
Surveys show consultants are not often used in the selection process, but we continue to see value in a competitive tender process.
This is a very busy time of year for farmers and it is all too easy to forget to restore a footpath after cultivation, particularly if it is not often used - for instance neglecting to cut the hedges back so they're not overgrowing the paths.
While there are protocols that use hormone therapy to try to induce testes to descend with medical therapy alone, these have not been shown to be very successful and they are thus not often used in most situations.
THE phrase 'glamour tie' is not often used in connection to Stoke's Britannia Stadium but tonight's Europa League clash against Valencia is the Potters' reward for their triumphant return to European competition after a 37-year absence.
The key to this approach lies in a pedagogical strategy that can be implemented across curriculum areas, but is not often used in CTE or even traditional classrooms.
The Beers criteria are widely known but not often used in clinical practice.
I have been told that the true and fair view is not often used to override GAAP in countries in which it is allowed.
We had elements of tradition, so the introduction to the service and the burial service was taken from a prayer book which was actually called the 1662 prayer book, although it is still current, but not often used," he said.