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NOKNorwegian Krone (currency of Norway)
NOKNokia (stock symbol)
NOKNo One Knows
NOKNeckar-Odenwald-Kreis (district; Germany)
NOKNext Of Kin
NOKNot Okay (quality management)
NOKNationales Olympisches Komitee (National Olympic Committee)
NOKNew Orleans/Oklahoma City (Hornets basketball team)
NOKNintendo of Korea
NOKNot Our Kind
NOKNon Okay
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The systems not talking to each other, the dual checking, the system has to take control and not people, I would say it is NOT OKAY.
Bato, its not okay,' the President said, referring to Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa, fondly known as 'Bato.
Summary: When you feel someone is not okay, ask them
That picture is problematic and many people would say that's not okay or unacceptable today or any day.
It's absolutely not okay, it's not okay where we are, it's not okay we've only won one home game in a year.
Whether it was a prank or not, Walmart did not take it lightly and were quick to condemn the advertising mistake, replying to the user: "This is definitely not okay, Sara.
Like it was okay to fight in the parking lot, you know, but it was not okay there when the music was playing, and they were about to go live.
The seats are in a 3-3 configuration: most people were travelling in pairs and therefore either had window and middle seats together, or the adjacent aisle seats (okay for chatting, not okay for watching film/TV on your tablet together).
To have to answer questions about character is not okay in my opinion.
It's not okay for people to threaten my job, threaten me physically, just be bitter and mean to me and my colleagues, and they aim it at my family sometimes, that's not okay.
They can be bitter and mean to me and my colleagues, but they aim it at my family sometimes - that's not okay either.