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NORNorman (Amtrak station code; Norman, OK)
NORNotice of Race (sailing)
NORNorth of the River (Bakersfield, CA)
NORNorwegian (language)
NORNot Or (electronic logic gate)
NORNormal Position
NORNormal Operating Range
NORNotice Of Revision
NORNo Original Research (Wikipedia)
NORNot Ordinarily Resident (various nations)
NORnot or
NORNotice of Readiness
NORNew Ohio Review (Ohio University; Athens, OH)
NORNumber on Roll
NORNitric Oxide Reductase
NORNucleolus Organizer Region
NORNucleolar Organizing Region
NORNet Operating Result
NORNorth of Range (Installation and locations north of the Alaskan Range Army)
NORNormal Order Reduction (lambda calculus reduction strategy)
NORNavy Outdoor Recreation (US Navy)
NORNo Operation Replacement (computer programming)
NORNot Otherwise Rated
NORNissan OffRoad
NORNatural Object Recognition
NORNon-Operating Reefer (shipping industry)
NORNATO Operational Requirement
NORNot Operational Ready
NORNaval Oceanographic Requirements
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All other persons of Cypriot origin not ordinarily resident in Cyprus were entitled to citizenship on application, provided the grant of Cypriot citizenship kept a ratio of 4 to 1 as between the two core communities.
The Electoral Commission reminds all voters that it is a criminal offence to knowingly register in a voting district in which the voter is not ordinarily resident.
The move is aimed at non- resident Indians and those not ordinarily resident.
Furthermore, you are not ordinarily resident in the UK if:
The newspapers have said under the Clause 4 of the DTC, the status of an Indian resident but not ordinarily resident, currently available under section 6 (6) of the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961, is sought to be removed.
THE term "overseas visitors" is used to describe patients of any nationality who are not ordinarily resident in the UK.
residents but not ordinarily resident or not domiciled in the United Kingdom were not taxed on their worldwide income in the United Kingdom.
Under the new rules, to use the remittance basis system, certain long-term residents of the United Kingdom who are not ordinarily resident and/or domiciled in the United Kingdom will be required to pay a 30,000 [pounds sterling] charge in addition to any tax due on U.
All water users must understand it is an offence to allow to escape into the wild, any animal which is not ordinarily resident in or a regular visitor to Great Britain in a wild state.
Though not ordinarily resident under German law, they may be treated as such by agency regulations.
or Germany) who are not ordinarily resident in Germany, generally, may be eligible not only for APF (LN) and NAF (LN) positions, but also for certain NAF (U.
Currently, legislation makes it illegal to release into the wild any animal which is not ordinarily resident in Britain.