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N/PNot Performed
N/PNo Problem
N/PNot Provided
N/Pnew password
N/PNo Partying (rentals)
N/PNo Password
N/PNew Patient (hospitals)
N/PNo Pets
N/PNot Payable
N/PNotice Period
N/PNothing Posted
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The dependent variable is the Medicare payment determination (P): 1 = payable, 0 = not payable.
Therefore, the GST/HST in respect of the repair services is not payable by the lessor and the lessor is not entitled to claim an ITC even though the lessor is the owner of the vehicle.
But FIFA last nightruled that compensation is not payable after a player reaches his 23 rd birthday.
If the customer specifies an intermediate delivery site, but a substantial portion of the fee is not payable until delivery by the vendor to another site specified by the customer, revenue should not be recognized until delivery is made to the final destination.
The anti-avoidance legislation has been introduced to counteract schemes where formal transfers of land are deferred or not taken up and schemes commonly used by developers involving special purpose vehicles where stamp duty is not payable on the cost of the development.
Of course, you can always move into the garage and make it your residence - then the VAT is not payable.
But as the item was posted as ordinary mail, compensation for consequential loss is not payable.
In short, according to Loehr, a letter of credit that is not payable "on sight" can prove to be a significant pitfall for a landlord.
The annual leave loading is not payable when an employee is paid the monetary value of annual leave to the employee's credit on resignation.
The four reasons for denial selected for this study were (1) the service was not medically necessary, (2) the CPT or diagnostic code was invalid, (3) the name of the referring physician was missing on a claim for a consultation service, and (4) the service is not payable separately.