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NRTNicotine Replacement Therapy
NRTNorm-Referenced Test
NRTNatural Resource Tax
NRTNational Recreation Trail (National Trails System; US Interior Department)
NRTNormal Renal Tissue
NRTNational Response Team
NRTnear real time
NRTNoise Reduction Technology
NRTNon Real Time
NRTNorthern Rangelands Trust (Kenya)
NRTNursing Resource Team (various organizations)
NRTTokyo, Japan - Narita (Airport Code)
NRTNear-Regular Texture (algorithm)
NRTNeighbor Relation Table
NRTNationally Recognised Training (Australia)
NRTNet Registered Tonnage
NRTNon-Resident Tax
NRTNokia Ringtone File (computing)
NRTNational Rail Timetable (UK)
NRTNon-Regression Testing (software and engine control units)
NRTNot Real Time
NRTNational Reporting Toolkit (environmental software; United Arab Emirates)
NRTNaval Reserve Training
NRTNon-Requesting Terminal
NRTNutrient Removal Technology
NRTNormed Referenced Test
NRTNormal Rated Thrust
NRTNorwottuck Rail Trail (Massachusetts)
NRTNodal Reentrant Tachycardia
NRTNational Rotorcraft Transport
NRTNetwork Readiness Test (data)
NRTNon-Recognizable Target
NRTNavy Review Team
NRTVessels Assigned Naval Districts for Training Naval Reserves (US Navy)
NRTNewreka Reduction Technology (Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.; India)
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"Images are not real time and there was a delay between taking an image and its publication so that it could not be used to make decisions about an individual's current whereabouts."
Typically data warehouses are not real time and don't contain continuous data.
It's not real time, but it's at a frequency with which this audience is comfortable."
This trick is especially helpful in getting the Slinky Challenge token in the "Tarmac Trouble" level, as well as other timed tokens, since the game clock is in reference to the game and not real time.
Gatwick are looking to partner with a supplier that will provide an optimum Airports Analytics system or model which includes Reporting, Monitoring, Analyse and Discover (Predicting but not real time) and a robu
"The contact center is a real-time operation, yet, when it comes to information, a lot of it is not real time; it's historical."
The player who travels to the most cities in seven days (not real time, fortunately) wins.
The old analytics strategy-to-execution loop is not real time, agile or democratic enough to adjust to digital realities, said Steve Lucas, president, Digital Enterprise Platform, SAP.
Waze users can look forward to having advance if not real time information of affected roads as shown up on the Waze map.