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NRNot Required
NRNot Rated
NRNaval Reserve
NRNummer (Swedish: Number)
NRNear (hospitality industry)
NRNo Result
NRNational Register
NRNational Review (political magazine)
NRNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Restricted
NRNatural Resources
NRNot Really
NRNot Reported
NRNorwich (postcode, United Kingdom)
NRNatural Rubber
NRNot Recommended
NRNo Reserve
NRNoise Reduction
NRNo Response (polls)
NRNetwork Rail (UK)
NRNuclear Receptor (protein class)
NRNot Ready
NRNorma Regulamentadora (Portuguese: Regulatory Standard; Brazil)
NRNot Real (mathematics)
NRNouvelle République (French: New Republic; newspaper)
NRNursing Research
NRNo Reference
NRNormal Range
NRNo Reply
NRNext Round
NRNew Roads (Louisiana)
NRNo Reaction
NRNuclear Reactor
NRNichtraucher (German: non-smokers)
NRNorthern Region (Ghana)
NRNot Responding
NRNational Rail (Australia)
NRNationalrat (Austrian Parlamentary Institution)
NRNewton-Raphson (geometry)
NRNet Revenue (finance)
NRNovember Rain (Guns N' Roses song)
NRNothing Really
NRNo Recovery
NRNorthern Rockies
NRNeutral Red (dye)
NRNight Rider
NRNo Repeats
NRNose Right (aviation)
NRNumber of Rotations (main rotor speed)
NRNicotine Replacement (therapy)
NRNot Reserved (auction)
NRNot Remarkable
NRNeutron Radiography
NRNot Racist
NRNo Regrets
NRNouveau Riche
NRNorsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center)
NRNotes Receivable
NRNeighborhood Residential (districts; various locations)
NRNetwork Report
NRNice Roll
NRNon-conformance Report
NRNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) restricted
NRNo Rush (Starcraft game)
NRRecurrent Nova
NRNintendo Revolution (game system)
NRNekromantix (band)
NRNaval Regulations (US Navy)
NRNull Reference
NRNorthern Rebels (gaming clan)
NRNegative Reinforcement
NRNewly Reformulated (pharmacology)
NRNaval Reactor
NRNew Relativity (physics)
NRNo Replication (Cache)
NRNippon Rietec (Japan)
NRNon-Record Material
NRNaturally Radioactive
NRNintendo Ring
NRNicktoons Racing (game)
NRNarrow Resonance
NRNegative Rebuttal (debate)
NRNo Refill (prescription)
NRSubmersible Research Vehicle (Nuclear Propulsion)
NRNavigational Radar
NRNet Riddle (Central Riddle Network)
NRNautic Radio (Island of Vis, Croatia)
NRNoise Redemption (band)
NRNorth American Rockwell Corporation
NRNormothermic Recirculation
NRNørrer (Danish: Northern)
NRNo Resuscitation/Revival
NRNucleo de Reserva (Guatemala, police reserves)
NRMain Rotor Speed-Rotor Rate of Rotation in percent
NRNotice of Results/Rating
NRNomad Renegade (gaming clan)
References in classic literature ?
Edward Ferrars was not recommended to their good opinion by any peculiar graces of person or address.
The CBA found Betar highly qualified and rated Svenson as not recommended.
* LT4 is not recommended for TPO Ab-ve women with a normal TSH
Not recommended: PET/CT is generally not appropriate for this indication.
"Taking into account that the aircraft crash, according to the preliminary official version, was not caused by a terrorist act, the ministry has not recommended suspending selling tours in this direction," he said.
* Metformin is not recommended because it has no significant effect on liver histology.
* Citalopram is not recommended at doses greater than 40 mg per day "because such doses cause too large an effect on the QT interval and confer no additional benefit."
Kyrgyzstan is on the list of countries, which are not recommended to visit for nationals of EU countries, U.S., Canada and Japan, said Ainura Sydykova, President of the Kyrgyz Association of Tour Operators.The Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry does nothing to react to such information, she added.Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry's Representative Ulan Kabaev said in 2005 it took 2 years to resolve the situation and to remove Kyrgyzstan from the blacklist of countries not recommended for visit."I want to assure that we are working with our colleagues on this issue.
The report says "public transport is not recommended," and adds that driving is not recommended due to the risk of extortion by police or people claiming to be police;
NOT RECOMMENDED: The latest Barclays offer for Dutch bank ABN Amro is still less than the Royal Bank of Scotland-led consortium's pounds 48.2bn approach.
When it comes to operating and maintaining your equipment, improvising or working from memory is not recommended. It's too easy to get things wrong or forget something, which could result in equipment failure.
* In "Good for Business" (Lifestyle, October 2006), Rachel Graham did not recommended the restaurant Mark's American Cuisine.