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N/RNot Really
N/RNot Relevant
N/RNo Reply
N/RNot Required
N/RNot Received
N/RNo Returns
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"First, the independent financial resources or income of a plaintiff is not relevant to the Contracts Clause claims.
We are not good enough, we are not relevant enough - what I see as our competitors are the people entering the fintech space.
Many people dismiss intellectual property as an area not relevant to them, when in truth it can impact all entrepreneurs and businesses.
Was this an oversight on his part or not relevant to his plan?
Not only were these questions intrusive and not relevant to wheelie bins, but nowhere did it ask the question do you want to change from black bags to wheelie bins.
The Talwars claimed some of the CBI witnesses were not relevant and some of their statements were inadmissible.
These speculation is not relevant or true, and therefore we are presenting everything in detail", said Kanceska-Milevska, adding the annexes to the contracts did not surpass 30 percent of the basic contract.With regards to announcements for Skopje 2014 revision by the new municipal authorities, outgoing Centar mayor Vladimir Todorovic said it was their right and it should be done.
The pair are having a spat after Grimmy said Rob is not relevant.
Home Office minister Lord Henley, answering Lord Bichard, said: "It is not proportionate for barred people to have their barred status reported to employers when it is not relevant."
And if it's not relevant abroad, he doesn't get it."
They also understand why discussing turnover when related to a betting exchange is misleading and not relevant when calculating revenue shares.